15M Tempo Bike, Looking Forward to this One!


“Be patient and tough; some day this pain will be useful to you” – Ovid

We all have goals in life. If you have been reading anything on this site you know the formula I follow to achieve them is pretty simple: discipline leads to strength, which leads to performance, which leads to achievement, which in turn leads to new goes and the cycle repeats. Theoretically straight forward, but practically…well in practice it may prove much more challenging. There will be pain involved. Physical pain yes (the whole blood, sweat, and tears thing), but also and more importantly, mental and emotional pain. It is how we deal with the latter to that will truly allow us to succeed and separate ourselves from the pack. There will be days where we struggle with our motivation our will to keep pushing through that physical pain and discomfort of training. We need to break through the mental barriers created by the physical pain. Keep pushing, the training session WILL end, you will reach that 50M mark on the bike, that 10M finish line on the run, the last lap on the 2000m time trial in the pool, and the last rep in that 20:00 AMRAP you’ve been dreading. As Ovid states in the quote “be patient AND tough.” Don’t just ease your way through a difficult session to the finish. Be tough, push yourself to the extent of your abilities and you will achieve results. Your goals will be reached eventually, then you can start over reaching higher and higher every time! And as the cycle continues you will remember the pain of the past, how you fought through it and will fight through the new pains to come. The past pain “will be useful to you” in meeting head on and crushing the pain to come!




Considering I’m doing a nice (but damn it’s going to be cold!) ride on the bike today I thought I would feature a triathlete on the Daily Athlete portion. So check out Craig “Crowie” Alexander, an Australian triathlete with numerous victories under his belt. His level of athleticism and performance can serve as an inspiration to all. At least I know it does for me!

Craig "Crowie" Alexander, Austrailian triathlete and Ironman World Champion!

Craig “Crowie” Alexander, Austrailian triathlete and Ironman World Champion!

Check out Crowie’s web site and the first part of a video series focusing on him and his training for Kona. I only posted the first part of the series, but I encourage you to watch it all!

Craig Alexander’s Web Site





  • Stretching with PVC
  • 25 jumping jacks x 3
  • 10 Front/back leg swings
  • 10 Ankle rotations
  • 10 Bent over single-leg hamstring stretch


  • 15M Tempo at 85% of 12M TT pace
  1. Time 53:57.


  • Hollow rocks position hold with 5lbs ankle weights 3 x TF
  1. :52s
  2. :47s
  3. :45s

Great session this morning, but even writing this about four hours later I’m still cold! It actually started to snow during one point of the ride. Oh well, no complaints and pressing on! The main focus of the session this morning was to keep my RPMs in the 85-90 range. The course I rode was mainly flat with a few steeper uphill and downhill portions. Getting more and more used to the shifting system and if it weren’t for the fact that I couldn’t feel my fingers I would have been a lot smoother with it. My pace was slightly disappointing, but considering two weeks ago my 15M TT was 48:00, 53:57 for a smooth tempo ride isn’t bad. Also, that TT was indoors on a CompuTrainer. Looking forward to do some more indoor/outdoor ride comparisons. I’m told that indoor riding on a trainer is more difficult physically and mentally. I can definitely attest to the mental part! Nothing beats the scenery riding outside in the Pacific NW! Even if its so cold you can’t feel your appendages!




  • Mobility WOD Daily RX

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