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Together We are Stronger


Jimmi pushing hard through 14.5!

Jimmi pushing hard through 14.5!

This was taken from a recent Facebook post by Mobility WOD. It really touched a chord in me and I find it both inspiring and humbling. This will speak to you more if you are a coach than an athlete, but I think all will benefit from reading this. To all of the athletes out there, take this to heart your coach wants what is best for you and wants you to reach your full potential. Take every advantage you can of the vast amount of resources available. COMPLETELY IMMERSE YOURSELF! This level of commitment will pay dividends that you can’t possibly fathom. Please read, enjoy, and implement.


“We are living in an epoch.

For the the first time in human history, disparate sports, coaches, and athletes are able to share information and best practices. There has been no single larger influence on the field of human performance than the internet. You may think that the best coaches on earth would fight to protect and guard their accumulated knowledge, but reality is far from it. Coaches around the planet are feeding forward their best thinking and concepts to be rigorously tested by literally millions of users. The risk of remaining anonymous is the risk of being irrelevant. The risk of hoarding best practices is the risk of not contributing to the greatest era of human performance ever.

We believe that all good coaches and athletes are working at the limits of their understanding to solve a similar set of problems. To discount new thinking or modifications in technique is a significant error. As coaches we should not be quick to reject out of hand people’s considerable experience and due diligence. We should strive to understand how and why a coach or athlete thinks the way they do. We should evaluate their models and incorporate what we think is valuable.

Show me a better way. I’m in.”


DAILY FEATURE: Wrapping Up the 2014 Open

20140403-155625.jpgFor someone who has been heavily into the world of fitness for years now, I have to say that successfully completing the 2014 CF Open is one of my biggest accomplishments to date. Going in, I had no idea what was going to happen and, to be honest, my expectations as far as my performance was concerned were not all that high. However, I was determined to at a minimum complete all of the WODs. Every week, I set a goal for myself as far as results in each workout. I kept these goals realistic, but certainly not easy to reach. No that its all said and done, I can happily report that I surpassed the goal I set for myself in all five of the WODs! Next year I set my sights a bit higher and will prepare as such. Progression, progression, progression!

If you want to see my scores and how I stacked up in the Northwest Region and worldwide check out My CF Games Athlete Bio Page.




Warm-up: 25 jumping jacks x 3, HS hold x 3, 3ring dips x 3, 10 A/S x 3, 500m easy row

Rowing: :45s on / :30s off until form/pace dissipates

  • Completed 10 iterations

Core: Stability ball pike 3 x 20 superset with ab roller 3 x 10.



Rest Day in Preparation for my 14.2 Attempt


“Always seek out the seed of triumph in every adversity.” – Og Mandino

seed growing

Everyday we are put into challenging situations that test our character. Most would view this as a negative aspect of life and just another thing to have to cope with and struggle through. How you react to challenges has everything to do with your attitude and mindset.

Let me back up and preface the remainder of this with an honest interpretation of my own mindset previously in life. The fact is that for many years, and until recently, I was and viewed myself as quite a pessimist. My viewpoint in regards to life’s challenges, large and small, were that they were obstacles that simply made life more difficult. In hindsight, this attitude was quite poor to say the least and who knows what this held me back from accomplishing.

Returning to the subject at hand, here is my advice to you corresponding to my renewed take on the difficulties and challenges facing us every day of our lives. View them not as obstacles to success, but rather unique opportunities in which to gain something positive. Whether it be a new skill you develop, an understanding, a test to take and succeed in, or just a learning experience. These challenges are what define us because they are what forces us to change. We adapt and learn because of them. Even though they may be temporary inconveniences, problems, and set backs, in the big picture they will make us stronger. We will know how to cope with the problem again in the future. We have added another tool to our inventory to use in enhancing our lives and accomplishing me. Thus, we need to look for the opportunities everywhere and not avoid the obstacles, but rather overcome them, learn, and move on. We need to find that “seed of triumph in every adversity.”




Great company, can't wait to try their products!

Great company, can’t wait to try their products!

Pure Pharma is a supplement company that I have heard about for a while, but never had the chance to try their products. The other day while floating through the Twittersphere I came across a tweet about them, gave them a follow, and looked more into their products. Well, I am happy to report that they have sufficiently impressed me with the products they offer and I am placing my order today to try them out for myself.

You, loyal D-S-P reader know how much I like to share the knowledge and experience I have gained to help you in your quest for health and fitness. So check out Pure Pharma and the three products that they offer: a high quality fish oil, Vitamin D supplements (especially for those of us living in the Pacific NW, I haven’t seen the sun for going on three weeks now!), and magnesium supplements. So why should you be taking these supplements, and are they even something you need? Check out the following three articles which discuss these fish oil, vitamin D, and magnesium supplements in general and decided if its something that would benefit you. If so, head over to Pure Pharma and give their products a try.

Great article on the benefits of fish oil by TJ Murphy.

Quick little article by Pure Pharma themselves about why supplementation with magnesium is necessary and beneficial for some athletes.

Another Pure Pharma post about the benefits of supplementing with Omega-3s.

Post by Healthline that covers some quick info on all aspects of Vitamin D



Today, I am taking an off day to be fully rested going into my 14.2 attempt tomorrow morning. I may go to the box just to work on some mobility, technique, and strategize for tomorrow. Good luck to all those going for 14.2!

For those of you hitting it hard, todays CF Endurance WOD is linked above!

New Deadlift PR! JBLM CF on CF Endurance! Big Things Today!


Chris Moore in a state of meditation (I assume)...

Chris Moore in a state of meditation (I assume)…

“Set your goals where they belong; way the f*** above your head! Just make sure you put a ladder in place to reach them.” -Chris Moore

One of my favorite quotes, from one of my favorite podcasters/bloggers/coaches the one and only Chris Moore from Barbell Shrugged and Barbell Buddha fame!

Chris and I are in complete agreement on this particular aspect of goal setting. Your ultimate goal needs to be set high, it HAS to be difficult to achieve. Maximal effort and motivation will not be put forward if you undershoot and continually set small goals that are easily achievable. Set a big goal, put that ladder in place, and start the climb! …using DISCIPLINE, you’ll find the STRENGTH…rung after rung after rung…

Forever upwards.

Barbell Buddha

Barbell Buddha



Below you will find Part 1 of a 3 part series from Dr. Kelly Starrett and Mobility WOD. Joining Dr. Starrett is Jim Kean, founder of Wellness FX an awesome company with a unique product that I will definitely be doing some more research into. The topic of discussion is lifestyle and nutrition and ways of quanitifying results from these seemingly abstract and hard to measure facets of our being. Fantastic original, material that offers a unique perspective on a overlooked corner of your overall health and wellbeing. Parts 2 and 3 will be posted the next two days so check back!



*Check out the picture of the CF Box at the bottom of the CF Endurance WOD for today! Hint, hint its yours truly and the JBLM CF family!



  • Stretching with PVC
  • 500m row
  • 5 American kettle bell swings @ 35lbs x 3
  • HSPU holds x 3


  • ME Deadlift
  1. 135lbs x 10
  2. 185lbs x 8
  3. 215lbs x 6
  4. 255lbs x4
  5. 275lbs x 2
  6. 305lbs x1 *NEW PR!!!!!!!

Conditioning WOD:

  • 5 Rounds of: 12 Power cleans (95lbs/65lbs) and 12 ring dips. *Scaled to eight ring dips.
  1. Time: 13:59.

Great workout this morning! Took my time with the strength work resting at least 3:00 between sets and ended up hitting a new PR of 305lbs. A 20lbs improvement from my previous PR. Needless to say I was pretty stoked for the rest of the morning. The S&C WOD went well, my power cleans felt good, but I’m still lacking strength on the ring dips. Just need more practice! The plan is to start doing a progression of strict pull-ups and ring dips in an effort to build into muscle-ups, which I have yet to be able to execute. (Keeping my fingers crossed that they don’t turn up in 14.2. Please Mr. Castro at least give me to 14.3 to prepare!)



  • Stretching with PVC
  • 25 jumping jacks x 3
  • Leg swings front/back
  • Bent over hamstring stretch


  • 800m intervals with :90s rest until form/pace dissipates. *Ran on a treadmill set to a 3.0% grade.
  1. 3:34
  2. 3:34
  3. 3:33

Running felt pretty weak this afternoon. This was kind of anticipated as I took pretty much all of last week off the rest and recover. From past experience I know that personally the first run back from a break is usually pretty rough, but then everything comes back quick. There’s a 3M run programmed for tomorrow morning so the plan is to get a large-portioned, organic dinner in me tonight, followed by some Progenex Cocoon, melatonin and at least eight hours of solid sleep. Hopefully, this will hit the reset switch and bring me back out of the slump post-recovery time off!

Time Off Before the Open


My boys on the pull-up bars hitting it hard!

So tomorrow is the big day, 14.1 announcement! For the past year, yes, literally a year, I have not taken any significant off time. By significant I mean more then two days in a row off. Also, nearer time period I haven’t taken a full rest day in about a week and a half. My body is feeling it. I’ve decided to take a few days completely off training except for mobility work. I just do not feel that pushing hard these last few days will give me any gains or benefits prior to 14.1. My body will do better with the rest. After I complete 14.1 I’m going to get back into as hopefully, these few days off will hit a reset switch physically and mentally and allow me to go hard for the next month of Open workouts.

Continue checking the blog though! I may not be training, but I will continue to past. Actually, I’m going to be posting more! You can expect new things in pretty much every page/category on Strength Through Discipline. In addition, you may see a re-hauled site with a new look and set up. I’m feeling more and more adjusted to blogging and its time to move out of the experimental phase and really hit the ground running! Expect big things to be coming out soon!

As always, continue to check out Strength Through Discipline every day, leave comments, and most importantly share with your friends! Let’s keep it moving forward! Many thanks and highest regards!



For those of you still pressing forward with the training, I will continue to post the CF Endurance WOD and the Daily Motivation!

“Hard work is only a prison sentence when you lack motivation.” – Malcolm Gladwell

BOOM! Not much more to be said. Check your motivation; and if its not there find it, then bring it!


15M Tempo Bike, Looking Forward to this One!


“Be patient and tough; some day this pain will be useful to you” – Ovid

We all have goals in life. If you have been reading anything on this site you know the formula I follow to achieve them is pretty simple: discipline leads to strength, which leads to performance, which leads to achievement, which in turn leads to new goes and the cycle repeats. Theoretically straight forward, but practically…well in practice it may prove much more challenging. There will be pain involved. Physical pain yes (the whole blood, sweat, and tears thing), but also and more importantly, mental and emotional pain. It is how we deal with the latter to that will truly allow us to succeed and separate ourselves from the pack. There will be days where we struggle with our motivation our will to keep pushing through that physical pain and discomfort of training. We need to break through the mental barriers created by the physical pain. Keep pushing, the training session WILL end, you will reach that 50M mark on the bike, that 10M finish line on the run, the last lap on the 2000m time trial in the pool, and the last rep in that 20:00 AMRAP you’ve been dreading. As Ovid states in the quote “be patient AND tough.” Don’t just ease your way through a difficult session to the finish. Be tough, push yourself to the extent of your abilities and you will achieve results. Your goals will be reached eventually, then you can start over reaching higher and higher every time! And as the cycle continues you will remember the pain of the past, how you fought through it and will fight through the new pains to come. The past pain “will be useful to you” in meeting head on and crushing the pain to come!




Considering I’m doing a nice (but damn it’s going to be cold!) ride on the bike today I thought I would feature a triathlete on the Daily Athlete portion. So check out Craig “Crowie” Alexander, an Australian triathlete with numerous victories under his belt. His level of athleticism and performance can serve as an inspiration to all. At least I know it does for me!

Craig "Crowie" Alexander, Austrailian triathlete and Ironman World Champion!

Craig “Crowie” Alexander, Austrailian triathlete and Ironman World Champion!

Check out Crowie’s web site and the first part of a video series focusing on him and his training for Kona. I only posted the first part of the series, but I encourage you to watch it all!

Craig Alexander’s Web Site





  • Stretching with PVC
  • 25 jumping jacks x 3
  • 10 Front/back leg swings
  • 10 Ankle rotations
  • 10 Bent over single-leg hamstring stretch


  • 15M Tempo at 85% of 12M TT pace
  1. Time 53:57.


  • Hollow rocks position hold with 5lbs ankle weights 3 x TF
  1. :52s
  2. :47s
  3. :45s

Great session this morning, but even writing this about four hours later I’m still cold! It actually started to snow during one point of the ride. Oh well, no complaints and pressing on! The main focus of the session this morning was to keep my RPMs in the 85-90 range. The course I rode was mainly flat with a few steeper uphill and downhill portions. Getting more and more used to the shifting system and if it weren’t for the fact that I couldn’t feel my fingers I would have been a lot smoother with it. My pace was slightly disappointing, but considering two weeks ago my 15M TT was 48:00, 53:57 for a smooth tempo ride isn’t bad. Also, that TT was indoors on a CompuTrainer. Looking forward to do some more indoor/outdoor ride comparisons. I’m told that indoor riding on a trainer is more difficult physically and mentally. I can definitely attest to the mental part! Nothing beats the scenery riding outside in the Pacific NW! Even if its so cold you can’t feel your appendages!




  • Mobility WOD Daily RX

Rest, Recovery, and Mobility

Chill brother, just chill.....

Chill brother, just chill…..

Today is an off day of training so I’m taking full advantage to recover, work on my mobility,and post a few other things to the blog. Check back soon for some posts on nutrition and updates to the different pages!

Also, in other news I recently signed up for Mobility WOD Pro at the Mobility WOD web site! A fantastic investment, totally worth the $8/month! For those of you that do not know, Mobility WOD is run by Dr. Kelly Starrett author of Becoming a Supple Leopard and owner/founder of San Francisco CrossFit. So now along with my daily training from CF Endurance I will post what I’m smashing for mobility that day!

Check out Mobility WOD to sign up or learn more! Everyday a new WOD is posted with a focus on mobility, preventing injury, recovering from injury, and just generally taking care of your body.

Daily Motivation:

“Learning to let go should be learned before learning to get. Life should be touched, not strangled. You’ve got to relax, let it happen at times, and at others move forward with it.” – Ray Bradbury

Today’s CF Endurance


  • Mobility WOD with a focus on my feet and calves. Painful! But it hurts so good!