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It’s On! 14.1 This Morning!


Today’s daily motivation is in audio format! I’m a huge fan of music and frequently utilize it as a tool in my life whether it be for getting into a pumped up, motivational state or to relax and calm myself. Music is a wonderful and powerful thing! Look for more posts on music soon, I’m going to start incorporating it more and more!

So here’s what I listened to this morning on the way to the box to get ready and focused mentally. The song is called “Blood and Thunder” by the band Mastodon. I went right to the top for this one! It’s in my top two or three favorites of all time and Mastodon have been a staple in my music rotation for quite some time now. It may be your taste, it may not, but if you can’t get pumped when you hear this song, then I don’t know what I can do for you!

Mastodon is very much into making concept albums and this particular song is off of their album Leviathan, which in my opinion is their best. Leviathan is based around and draws from the story Moby Dick by Herman Melville. I highly, highly recommend checking out this album whether you’re a fan of the genre or not. Explore and expand your life experiences!

“Blood and Thunder” by Mastodon, complete with lyrics!


Pre 14.1

Feeling great this morning, I’ve got my coffee with goat’s milk, my Quest bar, and half an apple in me and I’m ready to tackle 14.1! The plan is to get to the box about an hour early and warm up lightly practicing form and technique on both double unders and snatches. At this point its going to be what it’s going to be. “It is what it is and we are what we are,” if I can quote a true athletic genius (no names here, as it may be difficult to pick up my sarcasm when I use the term “athletic genius”). Go time will be about 6:00am! Wish me luck!

Post 14.1

Well, 14.1 is in the books and I have to say I’m pretty stoked with my performance! As I mentioned in a previous post, I set my goal at 100 reps for the WOD and this morning I was able to get a score of 112! That was two full rounds of 30 double unders and 15 power snatches at 75lbs plus an additional 22 double unders. Overall, maybe not that impressive. However, when you consider the fact that I couldn’t even do a double under a couple weeks ago and even going into this morning was not that good at them my score is not that bad! As far as execution of the WOD I pretty much just followed a pattern of 3-5 single unders then a double under. Then with the snatches I did 6-5-4 which also worked really well. Currently, I’m waiting on my score to be validated by my judge, then I will let you know what my standing is internationally and regionally!

In other news…

Yesterday, I went out and had the first design of a t-shirt made up. It’s pictured below, what do you think? Pretty cool, but a little too simple. I defnitely want something a bit more artistic so I have to wait on my art department to wake up (cough, cough). Let me know if you want one and I’ll see about getting a small order made up!

The original design for the Strength Through Discipline t-shirt!

The original design for the Strength Through Discipline t-shirt!



Hit it hard today CF Endurance family! I’m rejoining you tomorrow!




That Nervous Feeling!


“Thinking something does not make it true. Wanting something does not make it real.” – Michelle Hodkin

It’s not enough the act the part, you have to live it, breathe it, eat, sleep, and drink it, immerse yourself in it, DO IT!


My experiences thus far with 14.1:

RPM 2.0 Rope, my weapon of choice to defeat my current goat!

RPM 2.0 Rope, my weapon of choice to defeat my current goat!

As you know, I have been taking the past three or four days off training in an attempt to allow my body to get some much needed rest and recovery. This has given me a chance to catch up on some projects that I’m working on outside of training and prepping for this coming competition season. It has also given me the opportunity to focus more on my coaching. For the past two days I’ve spent a fair amount of time at JBLM CrossFit judging our athletes in their attempts at the 14.1 Open WOD. This was a fantastic experience as I was able to watch our athletes, ranging from beginners to regional competitors, giving it their all in 14.1! Good on all of you, as you are truly embodying the spirit of CrossFit! A quick example of this (without mentioning any names) was one athlete I judged who could not effectively string together double unders. This athlete struggled over and over again to complete double unders and was able to only do one or two at a time and only achieving that after a series of singles and misses. Despite their shortcoming with this exercise, this athlete never gave up! They pressed on and were able to get through a full round of double unders and snatches and begin another round of double unders! When it was all said and done this athlete was smoked just as much as someone who completed 400+ reps, because no matter what the result both gave it ALL THEY HAD! Thats what its all about!

So this brings me to the title of this post. That Nervous Feeling! You know the feeling; we’ve all had it. The event is rapidly approaching and you have prepared as much as you can, but are you ready? You’re feeling that combination of excitement, fear, stress, and nerves keeping you on edge, but will hopefully not overwhelm you when it comes time to perform. Quite the opposite in fact, you’re hoping that it will enhance your execution by keeping you focused mentally and driven physically to do the best you’re capable of at that time. That’s what I mean by “That Nervous Feeling” and that’s what I’m experiencing right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no delusions that I’m anywhere NEAR a regional competitor. The fact remains that I have yet to achieve double unders to a level where I am confident that I will be able to complete a round of them. Even knowing that I am not competitive for advancement I’m still on edge about competing with myself. I want to be able to link double unders and fly through this workout! I guess what’s getting to me most is that I take pride in the level of discipline I try to display in my training and every day life. Hell, I named my blog after it! Despite this being something of my mantra in life I do not feel like I’ve lived up to my words and my personal expectations as far as preparation and focus. Oh well, it’s not like I can’t do double unders period. I’ve been able to find a nice little pattern I can sustain of single under, single under, double under, single under single under, double under, and so on… Hopefully this will allow me to get through two full rounds and 10 double unders (thats 100 reps) which is my goal!

CrossFit Endurance Seminar:

Bring it!

Bring it!

One of the big events that I have coming up is the CrossFit Endurance Seminar on March 15-16 at CrossFit Meridian in Meridian, ID! I’ve been looking forward to taking this seminar for months and am counting the days (literally) until I take the trip to Boise! If you have never taken a CrossFit seminar before and you are interested in becoming a better athlete or coach in one of their specific realms I highly suggest looking into it. I have only taken the Level 1 Seminar, but was extraordinarily impressed with the level of thoroughness and professionalism exhibited by the CrossFit coaching team that taught it. All aspects of training from theory to practice, technique and execution, recovery and nutrition were covered in detail providing a challenging but informative weekend. If my experience at the Level 1 Seminar is any indication the Endurance Seminar should be a wealth of knowledge, information, and valuable experience! To maximize my experience, I’m going to be hard at work studying the course materials and working on the suggested movements, techniques, and mobility WODs suggested in my pre-seminar packet. Thus far, I have worked on some of the mobility pieces which come from none other than the Supple Leopard himself! All I can say is the man is both wonderful and terrible at the same time. (If you’ve ever done any of his Mobility WODs you know exactly what I’m talking about!)


For those of you planning on hitting it hard, here is….


3rd Annual TACP Association 24 Hour Challenge Run

1010987_10152323075579873_1277384318_nGood morning everyone! I’m hoping that today is finding you happy, healthy, and training hard!

I’d like to take a moment here to promote an event that I am helping to organize and participate in coming up next month.  The 3rd Annual TACP Association 24 Hour Challenge is a 24 hour continuous running event to honor our fallen brothers in the USAF Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) community and a fundraiser for the TACP Association. (You can read more about the TACP Association here on their web site.)

All TACP units across the country and in deployed locations will be participating in this friendly challenge to see who can rack up the most miles and raise the most money! The group I am representing is Team JBLM (Joint Base Lewis-McChord) and in the past this event has been a huge success for us. Please help us keep that tradition going!

The run will begin on March 27 at 12:00pm and go on continuously through March 28 at 11:59am. It will take place at the Cowan Stadium track on Ft. Lewis and we will have at least one runner on the track during the entire 24 hour period.

Enough good cannot be said about the TACP Association and if you choose to donate rest assured your money is going to a fantastic cause! Donations are being accepted on the Team JBLM Fundly site which you can visit here. There are several tabs you can click on the page to make a donation.

Thank you in advance for your time and generosity. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on the form below, or just leave me a comment!

Let’s Move Strength Through Discipline Forward! Your Help is Requested!

Enjoying a trip to Portland, OR and some Ristretto Roasters coffee.

Enjoying a trip to Portland, OR and some Ristretto Roasters coffee.


So it’s been a little over a month since I created the Strength Through Discipline site, and truth be told, I’m having an absolute blast writing for you everyday! In fact, my morning coffee/blogging ritual is quickly becoming my favorite part of the day! First and foremost, I want to thank you for stopping by and seeing what its all about! You’re the reason I do this and your prescence here is both humbling and gratifying!

Slowly, but surely the site is generating some hits. If you’ve been reading my posts then you know how much I like progress (in everything!), so I’d like to see some more traffic and give you more of what YOU want to see/read!

With that in mind, I’m reaching out to you for a favor in helping me improve the site for our mutual benefit! Anytime you stop by please, please leave a comment! Let me know what you like or dislike about about the site, what you want to see more of, any questions that you may have, any new additions you’d like to see etc…. Pretty much anything even remotely resembling constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!

As I mention in the About Me section, my intent on this site is to share my story and help others who like-minded and are following a similar path with their own goals. Also, I want to spread the word on the CrossFit community and continue to grow this expanding movement that has enriched so many lives! A healthy and robust lifestyle is something that I truly believe in with all my heart and want to help others achieve this and live to the fullest! That all begins with goal-oriented exercise/training regime and a diet that becomes part of your lifestyle, but doesn’t define it. I firmly believe that CrossFit and the Paleo lifestyle can help get you get there, but that is simply one of countless paths you can take. Let’s work together so we can all get the most out of the Strength Through Discipline experience! Let’s turn this into something special!

Some of the JBLM CF family and I!

Some of the JBLM CF family and I!

In addition, I’m working on designing a Strength Through Discipline logo with the thoughts of making some t-shirts and coffee mugs. Again just another way to spread the word! Would anyone be interested in these items? I’d make sure they are good quality and try to keep the price as low as I can. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll get the ball rolling as quick as possible! Also, any suggestions for designs send them my way!

You can always check me out on Facebook, give me a follow on Twitter (@JJRushin) and Instagram (@jjrushin), or e-mail me directly at

Thanks for everything you do and for being the awesome person you are! Just remember in all aspects of your life show some STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE! You will be rewarded!

Many Thanks and Highest Regards! –JR–

2014 CrossFit Games Open!


Well, its official, I registered for the Open! Not expecting much other than to give it 100% of what I have and see where it stacks up against everyone else. February 27th is the release date for workout 14.1. Lots of work to do between now and then, particularly on muscle-ups, double-unders, snatch, and clean & jerk. Wish me luck and check out my official athlete’s page here !