On this page I will break down the gear and products that I am currently using, have used, or want to use. Also, I will post links to some websites that have cool products and WOD gear. More coming here soon as this page will be constantly updated!



Rogue Fitness

RPM Fitness



Life as Rx




  • Superior– Just picked these up a couple of weeks ago and so far I’d say its a solid shoe. Being a true zero drop shoe with a small amount of cushioning it strikes a great balance of almost being a true barefoot minimalist while still providing some level of protection. Its technically touted as a trail shoe though I find the tread pretty minimal and actually use it on the road, track, and treadmill without any issues. The toe box is extremely wide allowing for a natural spreading of the toes on landing and push off. This is a benefit for those running in the pose method. The toe box is so wide in fact I would caution a person with mid to narrow feet to try them on before purchase. Also, you need to order a FULL size larger than what you typically wear in a running shoe. The liner is removable to allow for a more minimalist feel. The Superior also comes with a rock plate to replace the liner for added protection on rougher trails.

Mizuno Running




Cervelo Bicycles

Sidi Cycling Shoes

Cat Eye

Speedy Reedy Triathlon Shop, Seattle, WA



Blue Seventy Wetsuits and Swim Gear

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