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Prepping for the 2014 CF Open?

If you, like me, are training hard to do your best at the Open this year check out this podcast by the guys over at Barbell Shrugged. They have analyzed the events from all the previous years’ Open qualification workouts and provide great insight on what you can be expected to perform. They also offer some great training tips on how to prepare for the Open in general, and as usual, are very entertaining to listen to! Well worth your time!


Can’t do Pistol Squats? Neither Can I.

Rich Froning showing how it's done!

Rich Froning showing how it’s done!


Many thanks go to the good people at Breaking Muscle and Chris Garay for putting together this progressive training program to teach individuals how to achieve a proper pistol squat. The program takes you through a series of ten different movements beginning with a basic air squat and ending with unassisted pistols. Be patient with this program and honest with yourself. Only progress to the next movement when you have mastered the one before it.

Still in the early stages of the progression myself, I am incorporating these movements into my warm-ups before every workout. I’m going to stick with this and hopefully very soon I will be able to execute my first pistols! I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Pistol Squat Progression