Too Easy?


“No, it doesn’t ever get any easier. You wouldn’t want it to either.”  – ?

Great quote that’s been floating around the Crossfit community for a while now. Not too sure who said it. If you know send me a message or comment so I can give credit!

Nothing ever gets easier, you just get better. Progressing as you should, the level you are at now should someday become easy for you. That’s when you move up to the next level which will not be easy and so on. Constant progress! If its easy you’re doing something wrong; mainly not working hard enough. You don’t ever want it to be easy. That would be an indication of plateaus and lack of progress. Who wants that? Feel like I’m just stating the obvious here. You know this already, but sometimes reminders are necessary. Go live it!


To add emphasis and another angle to the point made in the Daily Motivation

To add emphasis and another angle to the point made in the Daily Motivation



I found this article on the blog “Thought Catalog” (which is really cool, check it out). The title intrigued me and after reading it, I realized that despite the title, this is good advice for anyone not just those who may or may not be “lost.” The four main thoughts, or advice points of: 1. Do that one thing you’ve always wanted to do 2. Immerse yourself in solitude 3. Go somewhere new 4. Learn to appreciate the little things; should be experienced or done by every person. Personally, I can atest to the wonderful feeling of satisfaction and enrichment that come out of creating these experiences for yourself. Break out of your shell or bubble and make it a goal over the next year to put yourself in these new situations and appreciate things more. You will obtain a new level of fulfillment in life, which I guarantee will leave you wanting to do more!





Warm-up: Did not warm-up, went right into running. Stupid and lacking in discipline, I know…

Running: Six sets of stadium stairs with 400m run in between.

Rowing: :60s on/ 1:30 off until form/pace dissipates.

  • Completed 6 rounds with distances of : 261m, 254m, 251m, 260m, 251m, 245m, 241m

Core: One arm farmer’s carry with 80lb KB for 50m each arm x 3. Followed by Ring plank x 3 TF

Warm-up: 25 jumping jacks x 3, 10 leg swings front/back, 10 bent over hamstring stretch, 10 ankle rotations, 10:00 easy spin.

Biking: 4:00 on/ 3:00 off until form/pace dissipates.

  • Completed three iterations

Three cardio sessions in one day completely exhausted me. FYI to reach a new level of pain try going into a rowing session immediately after a run. Hurts so good!


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