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Organic Food and Snatches = Strength



Organize and structure your life to where every decision you make is a conscious one. Then ask yourself “Is doing ______ going to make me better.” If the answer is “yes” then do it, if the answer is “no” then don’t.

A simple yet extraordinarily effective way to live and develop. Discpline yourself to do this!



DAILY FEATURE: : To Buy Organic, or Not to Buy Organic


In a perfect world everyone of us would buy all of our food (and personal hygiene products) 100% natural and organic. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that perfect world. Well… in reality I’m glad the world is not perfect, but in this particular aspect of life I wish it were, but that’s neither here nor there. Back to the subject at hand.

For whatever reason, it isn’t realistic for the majority of the population to buy everything organic. Mostly because the price tag on organic food is typically much steeper than that on non-organic products. In addition, the availability of organic food and products is not always the greatest. Most grocery stores nowadays offer at least some organic meat and produce, but unless you live in a fairly affluent area (and are fairly affluent yourself) a full compliment of organic products is mostly unavailable.

Still, there are those of us with limited budgets and limited access to organic products that still want to enjoy the nutritional and health benefits associated with consuming these products. What are we to do? To solution is to prioritize the products you buy organic. And what are those items we should buy organic EVERY time we purchase them? The people over at Pure Pharma were kind enough to write an article and compile a list of the top 9 food items you should always buy organic. Check out the article to learn more.

Pure Pharma “9 Foods You Should Always Buy Organic” by Joanna Guy

So, hopefully you read the article and will be more prepared to get the most organic bang for your buck the next time you are at the grocery store. But in the article they refer to the infamous “Dirty Dozen” which you may or may not be familiar with. Fortunately, I am familiar with the so-called “Dirty Dozen” and will share with you what exactly Pure Pharma is talking about. The “Dirty Dozen” are a common list of produce that contain the highest amounts of pesticides and herbicides when conventionally grown. As such these items should always be bought organically in addition to those on the Pure Pharma list. So here they are in no particular order taken from a list on Dr. Weil’s web site called “The Dirty Dozen Plus” : apples, celery, bell peppers, peaches, strawberries, nectarines, grapes, spinach lettuce, cucumber, blueberries, potatoes, green beans, dark leafy greens (kale and collards), tomatoes, hot peppers, and summer squash.




Warm-up: Stretching with PVC, 500m row, ring dips 4-3-3, 5 KB swings @ 25lbs x 3, 5 OH A/S with 3 sec hold x 3.


Conditioning WOD: Randy 75 power snatches for time @75lbs

  • Time: 7:57

Snatch, Rowing, and The Bronx

*Sorry this is such a short post. I have started a great write up on goal setting and the dangers of a “perfection” mind set, however I did not get all of my thoughts expressed today. Wanting to do a thorough job, I am going to put some more effort into it and post it tomorrow. Something for you to look forward too! But I want to give you something so here’s another cool song for some motivation!

“Unholy Hand” by The Bronx

I saw these guys live a few months ago open for Bad Religion. They put on a great show and I became an instant fan! Plus their drummer is from Vashon Island right here in WA. He’s actually good friends with my tattoo artist/friend Casey Buxton at Sea Change Tattoo! Anyhow more information than you probably wanted, but awesome song nonetheless.



Warm-Up: Stretching with PVC pipe, 25 jumping jacks x 3, 8 KB swings @ 35lbs x 3, 5 hand-release push-ups, 10 A/S x 3.

Strength: DE Snatch 10 x 1 @ 75% 1RM every :45s. Completed @ 85lbs.

Conditioning WOD: 800m run, 100 sit-ups, 100 back extensions, 800m run for time. Time 19:17.

Don’t know what was going on with this WOD time. I think the distance I have measured for 800m is off. This took way too long and I put forth a hard effort. Far below my standards.


Warm-up: 5 x 50 barefoot jump rope, leg swings left leg/right leg, standing-to-bentover hamstring stretch, 5 x 10 12″ box jumps done rapidly.

Rowing: 100m intervals resting :60s until form/pace dissipates. Completed 10 iterations all ranging from :19s-:21s.

That Nervous Feeling!


“Thinking something does not make it true. Wanting something does not make it real.” – Michelle Hodkin

It’s not enough the act the part, you have to live it, breathe it, eat, sleep, and drink it, immerse yourself in it, DO IT!


My experiences thus far with 14.1:

RPM 2.0 Rope, my weapon of choice to defeat my current goat!

RPM 2.0 Rope, my weapon of choice to defeat my current goat!

As you know, I have been taking the past three or four days off training in an attempt to allow my body to get some much needed rest and recovery. This has given me a chance to catch up on some projects that I’m working on outside of training and prepping for this coming competition season. It has also given me the opportunity to focus more on my coaching. For the past two days I’ve spent a fair amount of time at JBLM CrossFit judging our athletes in their attempts at the 14.1 Open WOD. This was a fantastic experience as I was able to watch our athletes, ranging from beginners to regional competitors, giving it their all in 14.1! Good on all of you, as you are truly embodying the spirit of CrossFit! A quick example of this (without mentioning any names) was one athlete I judged who could not effectively string together double unders. This athlete struggled over and over again to complete double unders and was able to only do one or two at a time and only achieving that after a series of singles and misses. Despite their shortcoming with this exercise, this athlete never gave up! They pressed on and were able to get through a full round of double unders and snatches and begin another round of double unders! When it was all said and done this athlete was smoked just as much as someone who completed 400+ reps, because no matter what the result both gave it ALL THEY HAD! Thats what its all about!

So this brings me to the title of this post. That Nervous Feeling! You know the feeling; we’ve all had it. The event is rapidly approaching and you have prepared as much as you can, but are you ready? You’re feeling that combination of excitement, fear, stress, and nerves keeping you on edge, but will hopefully not overwhelm you when it comes time to perform. Quite the opposite in fact, you’re hoping that it will enhance your execution by keeping you focused mentally and driven physically to do the best you’re capable of at that time. That’s what I mean by “That Nervous Feeling” and that’s what I’m experiencing right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no delusions that I’m anywhere NEAR a regional competitor. The fact remains that I have yet to achieve double unders to a level where I am confident that I will be able to complete a round of them. Even knowing that I am not competitive for advancement I’m still on edge about competing with myself. I want to be able to link double unders and fly through this workout! I guess what’s getting to me most is that I take pride in the level of discipline I try to display in my training and every day life. Hell, I named my blog after it! Despite this being something of my mantra in life I do not feel like I’ve lived up to my words and my personal expectations as far as preparation and focus. Oh well, it’s not like I can’t do double unders period. I’ve been able to find a nice little pattern I can sustain of single under, single under, double under, single under single under, double under, and so on… Hopefully this will allow me to get through two full rounds and 10 double unders (thats 100 reps) which is my goal!

CrossFit Endurance Seminar:

Bring it!

Bring it!

One of the big events that I have coming up is the CrossFit Endurance Seminar on March 15-16 at CrossFit Meridian in Meridian, ID! I’ve been looking forward to taking this seminar for months and am counting the days (literally) until I take the trip to Boise! If you have never taken a CrossFit seminar before and you are interested in becoming a better athlete or coach in one of their specific realms I highly suggest looking into it. I have only taken the Level 1 Seminar, but was extraordinarily impressed with the level of thoroughness and professionalism exhibited by the CrossFit coaching team that taught it. All aspects of training from theory to practice, technique and execution, recovery and nutrition were covered in detail providing a challenging but informative weekend. If my experience at the Level 1 Seminar is any indication the Endurance Seminar should be a wealth of knowledge, information, and valuable experience! To maximize my experience, I’m going to be hard at work studying the course materials and working on the suggested movements, techniques, and mobility WODs suggested in my pre-seminar packet. Thus far, I have worked on some of the mobility pieces which come from none other than the Supple Leopard himself! All I can say is the man is both wonderful and terrible at the same time. (If you’ve ever done any of his Mobility WODs you know exactly what I’m talking about!)


For those of you planning on hitting it hard, here is….


Feeling the Itch!

Rock Candy Mountain in Olympia. Just for the hell of it!

Rock Candy Mountain in Olympia. Just for the hell of it!

Taking another off day and literally having to force thoughts of training out of my mind… Especially after the release of 14.1 and watching Fisher and Hendren go head-to-head! Overall though I will say that I’m feeling stronger. Every night before bed I’ve been taking 10mg of melatonin and a serving of Progenex Cocoon, and also turned the temperature in my room down to 68 degrees and my sleep has been great! This good rest coupled with the fact that I’m still eating like I’m training has lead me to feel strong, solid, and ready to go! Looking to do some light technique work and crush 14.1 on Monday morning!

Check out this video by Barbell Shrugged featuring Brian MacKenzie and Athlete Cell as they breakdown and strategize for 14.1!





I love the Progenex commercials (and their products!) Simple, motivating, cool. And this one featuring Sam Briggs is my favorite! Watch them, get inspired, then go train. And take your Cocoon!



Looks hardcore, don’t leave anything on the table with this one!

Max Effort Snatch and My Favorite Lady!

Graham Holmberg, CF Games athlete.

Graham Holmberg, CF Games athlete, and fellow Ohioian!

Cool little article and podcast with Graham Holmberg from Lewis Howes

Daily Motivation:

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus

Today’s CF Endurance


  • Stretching with PVC
  • 500m row x3
  • 5 Push-ups x 3
  • 5 American kettle bell swings @ 26lbs x 3
  • Pistol squat holds x3


  • Maximum Effort (ME) Snatch with 2:00-3:00 rest between sets.
  1. 45lbs x 10
  2. 65lbs x 7
  3. 85lbs x 3
  4. 95lbs x 1
  5. 100lbs x1
  6. 100lbs x1

Conditioning WOD:

  • Helen- 3 Rounds of 400m run, 21 KB swings @ 35lbs, 12 pull-ups
  1. Time: 16:14

Overall, a good morning session! I set a benchmark for my 1RM snatch, even though I think if I had started with less reps I would have been able to hit slightly higher weight for my 1RM. Form felt good though so thats all that matters. On Helen, my time was extremely slow due to a couple of factors. First of all, I was not running on a standard 400m track, I simply ran out of the gym and across a parking lot and back. In reality, I think I ran around 600m on each round. I then had about a :15s walk back to the CF room in the gym when I got back from the runs. Considering not long ago I completed Helen on a track in ideal conditions in 10:25, I think these limiting factors are legitimate. Also, I felt strong while I was doing it so I know I was putting out.



  • 500m row
  • 50yd, 100yd free
  • 150yd kick


  • 50yd iterations resting :60s until form/pace dissipates
  1. :50s
  2. :52s
  3. :53s
  4. :52s
  5. :51s
  6. :52s
  7. :53s
  8. :54s