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Discard the Past, Live the Moment, Cultivate the Future


“Just because I liked something at one point in time doesn’t mean I’ll always like it, or that I have to go on liking it at all points in time as an unthinking act of loyalty to who I am as a person, based solely on who I was as a person. To be loyal to myself is to allow myself to grow and change, and challenge who I am and what I think. The only thing I am for sure is unsure, and this means I’m growing, and not stagnant or shrinking.”
Jarod Kintz, At even one penny, this book would be overpriced. In fact, free is too expensive, because you’d still waste time by reading it.

Your mind is full of wondrous things. Make sure you can filter it when necessary.

Your mind is full of wondrous things. Make sure you can filter it when necessary.

Not so much motivational, but words of pure wisdom. Do not let anything, I mean anything prevent your progress. Not your thinking, not someone elses. Discard what is not going to help you reach that next level and embrace all that will. Your mind is full of  memories of the past, thoughts of the present, and ideas and plans for the future. Do not get bogged down in your own mind dealing with the past nor concerning yourself too much with the future. Focus on the present moment. Doing all you can with this precise moment in time will set you up for future success and create pleasant memories of what will soon be the past.

Have you ever done something that seemed terribly difficult or miserable at the time, but when it was all said and done you were glad you did it? These are the events that shape past memories, are difficult in the moment, and make you stronger for the future. Do not shy away from difficulties in the present as they often make us stronger in the future.

P.S. You’ve got to love the title Jarod Kintz’s book. I mean come on, not to judge a book by its cover or title, but just seeing what its called makes me want to read it!

P.S.S. How incredible of an artist is Anroid Jones (picture above). FACT!




Warm-up: Stretching with PVC, 500m row, 3 ring dips x 3, 8 KB swings at 26lbs x 3, 5 A/S with 3 sec pause x 3.

Strength: DE sumo deadlift 10 x 2 EMOM @ 65% 1RM.

  • Completed at 205lbs

Conditioning WOD: 3 rounds of 800m run, 50 sit-ups and 50 back extensions.

  • Time: 25:18.


Warm-up: 25 jumping jacks x 3, 10 leg swings L/R, 10 hip circles, 10 bent over hamstring stretches. 15:00 warm-up spin.
Biking: 400m intervals resting for 400m easy spin until form/pace dissipates.
  • Completed 8 iterations

Beast Friday: Angie Stole My Gloves!


KVELERTAK! Great metal band I was recently introduced to. I was getting into their stuff just in time to see them live! They opened for Mastodon at Showbox SoDo last week and I have to say they were awesome live! In case you’re wondering Kvelertak is from Norway and all of their lyrics are in Norwegian. One seems to follow the other there. Even though I don’t know what they are saying its still a great sound! When time permits I’m going to look up the translation to their lyrics. For now, with thanks to Google Translate I can tell you that Kvelertak and this self-entitled track means “Stranglehold.” If you like this song check out other titles by them like Mjod (“Mead”) and Blodtorst (“Bloodthirsty”)! Enjoy.

Great way to kick off Beast Friday. And this one will be a Beast!



DAILY FEATURE: Heavy Lifting for Running

Heavy Lifting For Better Running by Nate Helming

This is more for all of my endurance athletes out there who don’t do too much with the weights. CFers this really doesn’t apply to you, you already know this (or you should!). I’ve been sitting on this article for a while waiting for a good time to share it. I suppose now is as good a time as any. The article was taken from Competitor magazine and was written by our good friend Nate Helming from Helming Athletics, the Run Experience, and San Francisco Cross Fit.

The article describes the benefits of heavy weight lifting for improving your running. Instead of rehashing the entire thing, I’ll let you read the article directly from Nate!




Warm-up: Stretching with PVC, 25 jumping jacks x 3, 5 KB OH press @25lbs x 3, 5 KB swings @25lbs x 3, 10 A/S x 3.

Strength: ME pull-ups

  • BW x 7, 10lbs x 5, 15lbs x 3, 25lbs x2, 35lbs x 1

Conditioning WOD: Angie – 100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats for time. This was not pleasant…Angie stole my gloves. If anyone doesn’t get that reference I’ll briefly explain. In cross fit when doing so many consecutive pull-ups that the skin is pulled from your hands and calluses it is referred to as being “de-gloved.” So now when I saw that Angie stole my gloves, you get what I mean.

  • Time 24:00
ME pull-ups then 100 pull-ups in Angie will do this to you!

ME pull-ups then 100 pull-ups in Angie will do this to you!


Warm-up: 25 jumping jacks x 3, 10 leg swings L/R, 10 hip circles L/R, 10 bent over hamstring stretches.
Running: :90s on / :60s off until form/pace dissipates. *Done on a treadmill set at a 2.0 incline.
  • Completed 6 iterations at: 8.6, 8.6, 8.7, 8.7, 8.8, 8.8.

Forward, Always Forward


“Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.” – Henry David Thoreau

A little experiment for today. Let’s try matching up the meaning behind the motivational quote and the meaning behind the motivational song. Bust or brilliance, you decide! The song is “Don’t Look Back” by Kylesa.




DAILY FEATURE: Developing Positive Habits

How I Adopted Daily Exercise Habit and Rowed over 1 Million Meters

Here is a great article I came across on creating habits. This is not simply about nutritional or exercise habits you should try to follow. Rather this is the method and tips one particular person used to develop a habit. I have heard of and used the 21 day rule he mentions to help create/break habits and it has worked for me. I find that the first 3 days in habit formation tend to be the most difficult. If you can make it through that you’ll be good to go. After doing some more research into this I see a lot more sources criticizing the 21 day rule than supporting it. Most claiming it can take much less time than that to break or develop habits. I’ll let you be the judge…

Chose this picture not only because of it's calming effects, but the fact that daily meditation is the habit I'm trying to get into now.

Chose this picture not only because of it’s calming effects, but the fact that daily meditation is the habit I’m trying to get into now.




Warm-up: Stretching with PVC, HS holds x 3, 5 KB swings at 30lbs x 3, 5 A/S with 3 sec hold x 3.

Conditioning WOD: 5 rounds of 5 power snatch @ 85lbs, 10 box jumps @ 24″, 15 push-ups.

  • Time: 9:37.

Core: Super set x 3 of 10 GHD sit-ups and 15 back extensions.

Warm-up: 25 jumping jacks x 3, 10 leg swings left/right, 10 bent over hamstring stretches left/right, 10 ankle rotations left/right.
Rowing: 250m intervals resting :60s until form/pace dissipates.


  • Completed 7 iterations.

You’re Alive. Think of all the Possibilities!


“I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow; but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.” – Agatha Christie

We have all been there. Down, depressed, unhappy with ourselves, our training, maybe even life in general. Its at times like these when we are down that we are afforded a great opportunity to move up. In my opinion the first step in bringing yourself up from a low is to focus on all of the little things that are going right for you. This morning you woke up, you’re still alive, you have a new day to live and accomplish anything you wish. Start there!

20140501-144725.jpgBeing alive is a wonderful thing. This sounds like the basest most general statement ever, but I want you to take a moment and think about. How brief is life here on earth? None of us know how much time we have and none of us know what (if anything) comes next. All we can do is work with the facts that we have here, now, in this present moment. Those facts are simple: 1. I am alive 2. I have control over my life and can do as I choose. So yes, being alive is a wonderful thing! We’ve all been given the gift of the moment and its ours to do with as we please. Remember, next time when things aren’t going your way, you feel depressed, or life is hitting you hard that no matter how bad things are you’re still alive. You still have this moment to do with as you choose. That my friend is something to be extremely happy about! Live YOUR life!

I’m going to close this with saying that is used at the conclusion of many yoga classes. Its something of a fond farewell and wishes for a happy journey in life until we meet again: “May you be contented and pleased. May you be happy and safe. May your body support you with strength. May your life unfold smoothly and with ease. Namaste.”

Namaste is a phrase derived from Sanskrit and is used as a greeting or farewell in many Asian countries. In yoga, as well as meditations, Buddhist, and other religious practices it is used as a phrase and gesture of peace, love, and respect. The actual idea or meaning behind it in this sense may change but here is an example I found: “I honor that place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light, and of peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me we are one.”

There is another translation or use of Namaste which I prefer. It’s meaning is more vague and open to interpretation and is how namaste was explained to me in the first yoga classes I took. This translation is simply: “The light in me recognizes the light in you.”

The hand gesture for namaste traditionally held over the heart or to the forehead.

The hand gesture for namaste traditionally held over the heart or to the forehead.



DAILY FEATURE: Athletic Recon


If you have not heard of Athletic Recon you need to do yourself a favor and go check out their website! They describe themselves as a functional street wear manufacturer. Meaning that they make clothes that not only look cool, but fundtional well as athletic apparel. I have gone through their product list many times and have to say that there is nothing of theirs that I would not wear! Looking forward to placing an order soon!

Check out an interview and podcast with Athletic Recon founder Ryan Heuser done by Inception Labs one of the many brainchildren of CF Endurance founder Brian MacKenzie. Listen to the podcast on Stitcher here.





Here are my stats as of today and as far as the PT test is concerned.

  • Height: 5’10”, Weight: 172lbs, Waist 31.5″
  • Push-ups in :60s: 55, Sit-ups in :60s: 52, 1.5M run: 9:34
REST and RECOVERY! I am feeling completely exhausted and sore from the duathlon on Sunday and putting a 100% effort into my PT test this morning. Going to take the after to relax and recover. Plus I’m coaching at JBLM tonight!

Snatch, Rowing, and The Bronx

*Sorry this is such a short post. I have started a great write up on goal setting and the dangers of a “perfection” mind set, however I did not get all of my thoughts expressed today. Wanting to do a thorough job, I am going to put some more effort into it and post it tomorrow. Something for you to look forward too! But I want to give you something so here’s another cool song for some motivation!

“Unholy Hand” by The Bronx

I saw these guys live a few months ago open for Bad Religion. They put on a great show and I became an instant fan! Plus their drummer is from Vashon Island right here in WA. He’s actually good friends with my tattoo artist/friend Casey Buxton at Sea Change Tattoo! Anyhow more information than you probably wanted, but awesome song nonetheless.



Warm-Up: Stretching with PVC pipe, 25 jumping jacks x 3, 8 KB swings @ 35lbs x 3, 5 hand-release push-ups, 10 A/S x 3.

Strength: DE Snatch 10 x 1 @ 75% 1RM every :45s. Completed @ 85lbs.

Conditioning WOD: 800m run, 100 sit-ups, 100 back extensions, 800m run for time. Time 19:17.

Don’t know what was going on with this WOD time. I think the distance I have measured for 800m is off. This took way too long and I put forth a hard effort. Far below my standards.


Warm-up: 5 x 50 barefoot jump rope, leg swings left leg/right leg, standing-to-bentover hamstring stretch, 5 x 10 12″ box jumps done rapidly.

Rowing: 100m intervals resting :60s until form/pace dissipates. Completed 10 iterations all ranging from :19s-:21s.