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Focus, Relax, Breathe, GO!


“Twenty seconds before a race there’s absolute focus. The key thing is to achieve relaxation, but at the same have absolute total control. You’ve got to find the balance between being totally ready to go and really at peace with yourself as well.” – Cathy Freeman


Think about how dialed in physically and mentally you have to be to achieve this state Cathy Freeman is describing above!

I too try to create this focus before beginning any event or WOD, in competition or not. This time is important to me and i like to think of it as the calm before the storm. To achieve this focus I close my eyes and visualize myself executing whatever event I’m about to do. I make it as realistic in my mind as possible. I feel the barbell in my hands and my body support the weight its applying to me. I feel my legs propelling me forward in the pose position for those first few strong strides of a race and then continuing on in the wheel-like cyclical motion with complete ease and efficiency. I feel my hand dipping below the surface of the water and pulling me along smoothly as I rotate like a corkscrew through the water. I think you get the idea…

The point that I’m trying to make is that this period of focus is something that all competitiors should do in some form or another. No matter how you choose to prepare yourself in those last few seconds before that infamous “3,2,1, GO!” it is something that has to happen. This is not the time to be overcome with nerves or be thinking about how you could have trained harder or anything else negative. It is going to be what its going to be. Accept that and give it a full effort. You will most likely surprise yourself. Most athletes outperform themselves in competiton as opposed to in training.


DAILY FEATURE: 2014 CrossFit Northwest Regionals Results

Here are the athletes and teams heading to the games from the Northwest Region:

  • Male: 1. Cole Sager 2. Cody Anderson 3. Ben Stoneberg
  • Female: 1. Emily Carothers 2. Regan Huckaby 3. Rory Zambard
  • Team: 1. CrossFit Marysville 2. CrossFit Fort Vancouver 3. CrossFit Boise

10363700_710408399001021_3992613020100974294_nI’m particularly happy for Rory Zambard! She was my Level 1 instructor and I know how dedicated she is as an athlete, competitor, and instructor. Clearly, CrossFit means a lot to her and she deserves to be going to the Games. Best of luck to you Rory!




Warm-up: 25 jumping jacks x 3, 10 leg swings L/R, 10 hip circles L/R, 10 bent over hamstring stretches L/R.

Running: Ran approximately 4.2 miles in approximately 32:00.

Core: Double tabata round of leg flat sit-ups and flutter kicks x 5 rounds.


REST and RECOVERY! NW Regionals Day 3!!



Can’t do Pistol Squats? Neither Can I.

Rich Froning showing how it's done!

Rich Froning showing how it’s done!


Many thanks go to the good people at Breaking Muscle and Chris Garay for putting together this progressive training program to teach individuals how to achieve a proper pistol squat. The program takes you through a series of ten different movements beginning with a basic air squat and ending with unassisted pistols. Be patient with this program and honest with yourself. Only progress to the next movement when you have mastered the one before it.

Still in the early stages of the progression myself, I am incorporating these movements into my warm-ups before every workout. I’m going to stick with this and hopefully very soon I will be able to execute my first pistols! I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Pistol Squat Progression