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My Strategy: 14.3

DAILY MOTIVATION: “Rumors of War” by High on Fire

Just getting into these guys and I’m really liking what I hear! Thus far, this is my favorite High on Fire track. Crank it up when you hit the start button on the clock for this 8:00 AMRAP!



Here is the breakdown by Brian Mackenzie and the crew at Athlete Cell. AWESOME warm-up included in this one.

This is the take on 14.3 by the Barbell Shrugged guys. I am pretty much utilizing the advice these guys give, I think this is going to be the way that I will get the most reps out of this WOD.



When 14.3 dropped last night I was stuck in traffic and had to call my dad to give me a blow by blow of what was happening at the live release. As soon as I heard that 14.3 was just dead lift and box jumps I was ecstatic! Dead lift is my best lift and box jumps, while I’m not great at them, are something I can push myself through. My biggest concern is how I’m going to do as I hit the higher weights on the deadliest, but I’ve planned for that and will cross that bridge when I come to it.

So, you have seen the breakdowns of 14.3 by both Athlete Cell and the Barbell Shrugged crew. So here is my plan for tackling this monster. First of all, I’ve heard a lot of talk about which shoes are going to be best to wear. After giving it some thought, I’m going to go with a simple pair of flat bottom shows with little to no cushion. I want to be as low as possible for the dead lifts and a 24″ box jump does not require any special footwear (especially when you are just doing step ups/downs like I am planning to!). Also, I’m just going to use standard Rogue wrist wraps, chalk on my hands for grip, and the Skinz calf sleeves for compression and shin protection.

For the WOD itself, my focus is going to be on getting through the first few sets as fast as possible. I know I’m going to hit a wall with the 275lbs dead lifts so I need to get there as quick as possible then just push it out rep by rep. For the box jumps I am going to be doing step-ups/downs from the beginning. Following the advice from the Barbell Shrugged crew I am going to utilize the corner of the box and alternate legs. Other than that its just going to be an all out effort from the start to reach the goal round of the 275lbs dead lifts. From there every rep is a bonus!

Going for my first attempt at this WOD this afternoon at CrossFit Meridian! Goal is 90 reps, GET THERE!



For those of you going with CF Endurance today here it is!