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Soaring with Eagles


“If you hang out with chickens, you’re going to cluck and if you hang out with eagles, you’re going to fly.” – Steve Maraboli

imagesCAHR0AVIThere is a lot to be said for choosing your training partners carefully. I mean a lot! People tend to become a product of their environment and in the CrossFit box the environment is the people you train with everyday.

Always try to train with people that are going to make you better by pushing you to always do your best. Only hang out and train with those that are going to elevate you. Train with athletes that are more advanced than you and watch how quickly you begin to perform at their level. From a nutritional aspect do not eat meals with people who are on a different diet or worse don’t care about nutrition at all. Keep your diet clean and try to share meals with those who do the same. (For instance if you are trying to follow strict Paleo do not go out to eat with someone who’s going to down three pitchers of beer and two large pizzas.) The more and more you train with a group the closer you will become and the more motivating it will be. You will have a better chance of getting to the workout (which is often times half the battle) because you feel as if you’re letting your training partners down by skipping a day.

In other words, surround yourself with positive influences in every aspect of your life as you possibly can. The true beauty of this synerginistic relationship is that as you rely on your training mates for support you will realize that they are relying on you in much the same way.


JBLM CrossFit crew! Always motivating to be around these athletes!


DAILY FEATURE: Lifeproof Cases


Definitely need to give a shout out to LifeProof for hooking me up with a free new case for my iPhone! I was checking out their products at their booth at the North West Regionals and they were having competitions every couple hours where the winner received a free case. Considering these cases retail for around $90 I thought I would give it a shot. The particular workout was a max plank hold. The top male and top female plank holders would win a case. Being particularly adept at the plank I thought that I had a pretty good chance at winning the case. Well as it turns out at the end of the competition I was announced the winner! I can’t tell you how long I held the plank for because I don’t like to brag, but suffice to say that the reps working the booth said that they’ve never seen anyone hold it for that long. Just saying…

All kidding aside though Lifeproof makes a great product and I love my new phone case. The thing is literally indestructible, as are all of the products they make. High quality products and a cool company. Great combo for a business model!

Check out LifeProof products here!



Warm-up: 25 jumping jacks x 3, 10 leg swings L/R, 10 hip circles L/R, 10 bent over hamstring stretches.

Biking: 30:00 on traveling 8.47M. *Brick with running.

Running: Approximately 4.2M in 32:31.


REST and RECOVERY! Plus some more NW Regionals!



Beast Friday and The Uncommon Breed!

DAILY MOTIVATION: “In Pursuit of Vikings” – Amon Amarth

This week’s Beast Friday motivation is in honor of The Uncommon Breed. Read more about them below in the Daily Feature.

Onto the Beast Friday song! This is “In Pursuit of Vikings” by Amon Amarth. Honestly, unless you are a fan of heavy metal you probably won’t enjoy this one too much, but I think it’s pretty cool and it is my blog afterall. Also, it goes along with The Uncommon Breed’s logo, read more below to see what I’m talking about. For those of you that are metal fans or need a good song to pump you up before hitting the WOD on Beast Friday enjoy “In Pursuit of Vikings”!


DAILY FEATURE: The Uncommon Breed – Performance Apparel for the Modern Day Savage

The Uncommon Breed's Logo!

The Uncommon Breed’s Logo!

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a new CrossFit apparel company I met at the CrossFit NW Regionals! They are officially launching on Memorial Day so go pick up some of their gear and get in on the ground floor of this movement!

Their logo is an ancient Viking symbol known as the “valknut.” It is three interlocking triangles and means “fallen warrior” in Old Norse. (Hence the reason for the “Pursuit of Vikings” as the motivation song. A loose connection I’ll admit, but hopefully they’ll appreciate it all the same.)

They are called The Uncommon Breed and the brand describes themselves as: “A collection of combat vets, CrossFit athletes, first responders, fitness maniacs, passionate athletes, and all those that commit to a life of shenanigans and bad-assery. There you have it. AMERICA!!”

They have an impressive team of employees all of which are ex-military. These guys are speaking from personal experience about the warrior mindset and motivations behind their brand. They also have a great collective of sponsored athletes that are currently doing amazing things in the CrossFit world!

Read more about the founders and the sponsored athletes and check out all of their apparel and accessories on their web site!

To all of the crew at The Uncommon Breed many thanks, much respect, and best of luck!

Myself and two of the Uncommon Breed crew. Thanks a lot for all that you do guys!

Myself and two of the Uncommon Breed crew. Thanks a lot for all that you do guys!



Warm-up: Stretching with PVC, 500m row, 5 dips x 3, 8 KB swings @30lbs x 3, 10 A/S x 3.

Strength: DE barbell row 10 x 3 @ 60% 1RM EMOM

  • Completed at 110lbs

Conditioning WOD: 8 HSPU 24 toes-to-bar, 6 HSPU, 18 toes-to-bar, 4 HSPU, 12 toes-to-bar.

  • Time: 7:52.

The Conditioning WOD that I did was not what was prescribed on CF Endurance. Unfortunately, I still struggle with HSPU and really cannot get an L-sit pull-up either. So I scaled and changed the WOD to what’s above. Still gave me an awesome workout.


Rest, recovery, and going to CrossFit NW Regionals!