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Let’s Move Strength Through Discipline Forward! Your Help is Requested!

Enjoying a trip to Portland, OR and some Ristretto Roasters coffee.

Enjoying a trip to Portland, OR and some Ristretto Roasters coffee.


So it’s been a little over a month since I created the Strength Through Discipline site, and truth be told, I’m having an absolute blast writing for you everyday! In fact, my morning coffee/blogging ritual is quickly becoming my favorite part of the day! First and foremost, I want to thank you for stopping by and seeing what its all about! You’re the reason I do this and your prescence here is both humbling and gratifying!

Slowly, but surely the site is generating some hits. If you’ve been reading my posts then you know how much I like progress (in everything!), so I’d like to see some more traffic and give you more of what YOU want to see/read!

With that in mind, I’m reaching out to you for a favor in helping me improve the site for our mutual benefit! Anytime you stop by please, please leave a comment! Let me know what you like or dislike about about the site, what you want to see more of, any questions that you may have, any new additions you’d like to see etc…. Pretty much anything even remotely resembling constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!

As I mention in the About Me section, my intent on this site is to share my story and help others who like-minded and are following a similar path with their own goals. Also, I want to spread the word on the CrossFit community and continue to grow this expanding movement that has enriched so many lives! A healthy and robust lifestyle is something that I truly believe in with all my heart and want to help others achieve this and live to the fullest! That all begins with goal-oriented exercise/training regime and a diet that becomes part of your lifestyle, but doesn’t define it. I firmly believe that CrossFit and the Paleo lifestyle can help get you get there, but that is simply one of countless paths you can take. Let’s work together so we can all get the most out of the Strength Through Discipline experience! Let’s turn this into something special!

Some of the JBLM CF family and I!

Some of the JBLM CF family and I!

In addition, I’m working on designing a Strength Through Discipline logo with the thoughts of making some t-shirts and coffee mugs. Again just another way to spread the word! Would anyone be interested in these items? I’d make sure they are good quality and try to keep the price as low as I can. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll get the ball rolling as quick as possible! Also, any suggestions for designs send them my way!

You can always check me out on Facebook, give me a follow on Twitter (@JJRushin) and Instagram (@jjrushin), or e-mail me directly at jjr3985@gmail.com.

Thanks for everything you do and for being the awesome person you are! Just remember in all aspects of your life show some STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE! You will be rewarded!

Many Thanks and Highest Regards! –JR–