Discontentment to Progress


“Restlessness is discontent and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure.” – Thomas Alva Edision

Reach your goal, revel in your success, take your next step. Repeat.

Reach your goal, revel in your success, take your next step. Repeat.

Do not confuse discontentment with unhapiness. They are significantly different ideas and need to be handled as such. Discontentment is that lack of satisfaction, that hunger for more or for something better. It is what makes us strive for improvement to wake up early everyday to train, to put in one, two, maybe even three sessions a day. It pushes us to stay strict on our diet and take care of our bodies. It is the driving force behind the discipline with which you live your life.

Contentment is the first step in a breaking of discipline and lack of motivation. However, I do not think that I would go as far as to say a content person is a failure. If you reach a goal PR, win a major event you’ve been training for, or simply reach a level of success in life that you’ve not experienced before I promise you there will be a feeling of contentment. Clearly, in cases such as these and you are far from a failure. At some point, I think we all reach a moment of being content, at least temporarily. The difference lies in those who reach their goals experience that contentment and remain at that plateau and those that are only content for a short time before wanting more and going out in search of it.



DAILY FEATURE: Grain Brain by David Perlmutter, MD


Check out this post by the Barnes and Noble Blog entitled “7 Claims in Grain Brain that Will Blow You Away”

I’ve yet to read Grain Brain, but it is definitely on my short list of titles to get to. It seems like as of recent, people have been starting to grasp the concept of how bad gluten, grains, and refined carbohydrates are your your body and your mind. Hopefully, as more titles like “Grain Brain” and “Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis are published they will bring the subject into more of the mainstream and people will begin changing their diets for overall health and wellness. The concepts proposed in these books are not some much diets to make you thinner or look better, but rather life style changes that will help you live a longer happier life. And yes, some positive physical changes in your body composition can be expected too!




Warm-up: Stretching with PVC, 500m row, 3 ring dips x 3, 8 KB swings @ 25lbs x 3, 10 A/S x 3

Strength: ME push jerk

  • 75lbs x 10, 105lbs x 8, 120lbs x 5, 130lbs x 3, 150lbs missed, 150lbs x 1 **NEW PR**

Conditioning WOD: 3 HSPU, 5 ring dips, 20 pull-ups all x 3.

  • Time: 9:05.


Warm-up: 25 jumping jacks x 3, 10 leg swings L/R, 10 bent over hamstring stretches L/R, 20 ankle rotations L/R. 15:00 easy spin

Biking:500m intervals resting :60s until form/pace dissipates.

  • Completed 7 iterations

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