Cold, Dark, and Wet


“This is about doing something difficult and not stopping when it becomes not just difficult, but cold and difficult…or cold and wet and difficult…or cold and wet and dark and difficult.” – Suzy Hamilton


What an interesting quote! Obviously it has a simple message behind, but I love the way she portrays fighting through dfficulties, even when things seem to only be getting worse.

Here’s a quick personal example from yesterday’s Mt. Rainier Duathlon while its still fresh in my mind:

If you read my post detailing my experience at the Mt. Rainier Duathlon you know that there was a major ascent in the biking leg of the race that was particularly nasty. Having never ridden the course before I had no idea there was such a drastic ascent so it really kind of blind-sided me. So not only was there a difficult ascent, I wasn’t excpecting it and did not prepare for it. To make matters worse the day was colder than I expected it to be and I wasn’t really dressed for the weather in my Zoot racing one piece (fortunately though I did have arm warmers). So I’m cold, on a difficult ascent, and if that wasn’t enough it started to rain. Big drops of ice cold water began falling on me making me even colder, heavier and adding to the displeasure of the unexpected ascent. All of this negativity built up in my mind and lingering behind all of it was the thought that this being a two loop course, I was going to have to do it all over again.

As you can tell I was struggling mentally at this point and things just kept stacking up against me. I struggled through it though and wouldn’t exactly say I came out triumphant, but at least I made it through!





Warm-up: 25 jumping jacks x 3, 5 HRPU x 3, 5 KB swings at 35lbs x 3, 5 A/S with 3 sec hold x 3.

Strength: DE deadlift at 75% 1RM 12 x 1 every :60s.

  • Completed at 245lbs

Conditioning WOD: 10:00 AMARAP of 40m KB front rack carry @80lbs and 200m row.

  • Completed 7 rounds
REST, RECOVERY, and MOBILITY. Preparing for official PT test tomorrow morning. Should be interesting considering how tight and sore my legs are. Hoping I’ll wake up tomorrow morning feeling up to it.

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