Organic Food and Snatches = Strength



Organize and structure your life to where every decision you make is a conscious one. Then ask yourself “Is doing ______ going to make me better.” If the answer is “yes” then do it, if the answer is “no” then don’t.

A simple yet extraordinarily effective way to live and develop. Discpline yourself to do this!



DAILY FEATURE: : To Buy Organic, or Not to Buy Organic


In a perfect world everyone of us would buy all of our food (and personal hygiene products) 100% natural and organic. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that perfect world. Well… in reality I’m glad the world is not perfect, but in this particular aspect of life I wish it were, but that’s neither here nor there. Back to the subject at hand.

For whatever reason, it isn’t realistic for the majority of the population to buy everything organic. Mostly because the price tag on organic food is typically much steeper than that on non-organic products. In addition, the availability of organic food and products is not always the greatest. Most grocery stores nowadays offer at least some organic meat and produce, but unless you live in a fairly affluent area (and are fairly affluent yourself) a full compliment of organic products is mostly unavailable.

Still, there are those of us with limited budgets and limited access to organic products that still want to enjoy the nutritional and health benefits associated with consuming these products. What are we to do? To solution is to prioritize the products you buy organic. And what are those items we should buy organic EVERY time we purchase them? The people over at Pure Pharma were kind enough to write an article and compile a list of the top 9 food items you should always buy organic. Check out the article to learn more.

Pure Pharma “9 Foods You Should Always Buy Organic” by Joanna Guy

So, hopefully you read the article and will be more prepared to get the most organic bang for your buck the next time you are at the grocery store. But in the article they refer to the infamous “Dirty Dozen” which you may or may not be familiar with. Fortunately, I am familiar with the so-called “Dirty Dozen” and will share with you what exactly Pure Pharma is talking about. The “Dirty Dozen” are a common list of produce that contain the highest amounts of pesticides and herbicides when conventionally grown. As such these items should always be bought organically in addition to those on the Pure Pharma list. So here they are in no particular order taken from a list on Dr. Weil’s web site called “The Dirty Dozen Plus” : apples, celery, bell peppers, peaches, strawberries, nectarines, grapes, spinach lettuce, cucumber, blueberries, potatoes, green beans, dark leafy greens (kale and collards), tomatoes, hot peppers, and summer squash.




Warm-up: Stretching with PVC, 500m row, ring dips 4-3-3, 5 KB swings @ 25lbs x 3, 5 OH A/S with 3 sec hold x 3.


Conditioning WOD: Randy 75 power snatches for time @75lbs

  • Time: 7:57

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