Don’t Wait, Act Boldly


“To change one’s life: 1. Start immediately, 2. Do it flamboyantly, 3. No exceptions.” ― William James


Whether you want to completely change your life or simply improve upon the life you have, there is no time like the present! Hesitation is the first step down the dark road leading to procrastination. As we all know, procrastination is a disease that eats away at our psyche making it more and more difficult to become motivated to complete tasks. We get stuck in a terrible cycle of putting things off because we are not looking forward to doing them and feeling more and more pressure as the dreaded dead line looms. My advice? Avoid procrastination and this downward spiral at all costs, especially if what you’re intending to do is an important and major life changing endeavor. If you want to make a change to your life it should begin immediately and be done with full commitment, delays and half measures will not do. Jump in with both feet!

When you want to make a change you need to focus in on the motivation behind it. What is the catalyst for this change? Self-induced or brought on by an outside source? (One warning that I’ll throw in here is to be cautious making life changes based on inputs and motivations from outside sources. These changes should be your decision alone!) The key concept being this is a change you WANT to make. This is something that you desire on a deep enough level that you are willing to change your entire life around to achieve it. So why would you want to delay it…AT ALL!? Develop your plan and begin immediately.

The second aspect to these changes is that of full immersion. If you aren’t willing to change/do everything necessary to achieve your goals there is no point in even starting. By full immersion I mean using all resources at your disposal and doing everything in your power to make this change happen. Discipline yourself to make it your priority in life. Let it become part of everything that you do. It is something that you should be constant surrounded by physically and mentally. It is your new life!



DAILY FEATURE: Finding Your Biking Weakness and How to Train It

Here is a short but information packed article by Training Peaks on how to increase your power on the bike by identifying and training your weak areas.

One point from the article that I’d like to highlight is how important it is to know your event’s route ahead of time. This will serve two huge purposes: one it allows you to be prepared physically and mentally on race do and not have any surprises on the course and two it dictates your training program as far as what to focus on to put yourself in the best position for success.



*Training from Sunday, April 20*


Warm-up: 25 jumping jacks x 3, 10 leg swings front/back, 10 bent over hamstring stretch, 10 ankle rotations left/right.

CF Endurance 6-Week Running Drill Program Week 4 Day 2

  • Drills – Carioca 3 x 10 both directions, exaggerated lunge 3 x 10 each leg, wall drill 3 x 20 each leg.
  • 1x through of: 4 x 1:30s @100 cadence, 1 drill of choice, 6:00 @ 94 cadence.

Biking: Directly from running drills to 20:00 at 90% TT pace

  • Completed 5.46M

Core: Double tabata set of flat leg sit-ups and flutter kicks. Total time of 5:00.




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