Double Cardio Thursday


“Talent is a wonderful thing, but it won’t carry a quitter. ”
― Stephen King

Neither is flopping on the ground after your WOD.

Neither is flopping on the ground after your WOD.

Stephen King dropping some bombs of truth on you this morning! As a coach I can work with beginners, I can work with weakness, I can work with failure, and I can work with struggle and plateaus. What I can’t work with is a quitter. There’s very little that can be done for a person lacking motivation and drive. They need to find that on their own, its a personal journey one must undertake. Once they do however, a whole new world of possibilities awaits!



*This was my training session from Thursday, April 17.


Warm-up: 25 jumping jacks x 3, leg swings front/back, bent over hamstring stretch, ankle rotations, 15:00 easy spin.

Biking: 400m intervals resting :60s until form/pace dissipates.


Warm-up: 500m row, 50yd free, 100yd free, 150 yd free, 150yd kicking with trainer fins x 2.

Swimming: 25yd intervals resting :60s until form/pace dissipates

  • Completed 10 iterations with times ranging from :23s to 25s.

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