Live In This Moment



“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” -Theodore Roosevelt

We would all benefit in our training lives by living more in the moment. Focus on what is in front of you right now, the task at hand. Situational awareness and being present are key things that we often neglect on a daily basis. BE AWARE, BE CONSCIENTIOUS, KNOW YOUR ENVIRONMENT, and above all else KNOW YOURSELF! You cannot change the past, but you are in full control of the present, and what you do in this moment will help define you future. So what good is it to shift your thoughts too far backward or forward? Live in the now.

Here’s pretty much the textbook example of extreme focus and living the present moment to the fullest. Sometimes the consequences of not doing this are more severe than others. Cheers to you Felix!

Be goal-minded in everything you do, but once you step into the box shut off all thoughts except for whats happening right now. Sure, your goal may be a two and half times body weight dead lift, but if you’re not there yet get that thought out of your mind. The same goes with the thoughts of that upcoming Fight Gone Bad tournament or that Ironman next month. Focus on the WOD and what you are bringing to the table mentally and physically. Go into that cave where your inner self dwells and don’t allow anything else in until the task is complete (except for maybe your power animal…”Slide.”)

Being present also implies working within your current physical parameters and limitations. Push yourself yes, but by being realistic and staying in the moment you will set yourself up for success. You will be more focused and confident in your execution knowing that the work you are doing is within your capability (or just outside enough to push yourself without fear of injury or overtraining).

The final point I want to make is this, as I believe it is vital to happiness, success, and fulfillment in life. Connect yourself to the world as it is now; not how it was, and not how we think it will or want it to be. Life is too short and too important to not live every moment to the fullest. Think hard, train hard, and live hard RIGHT NOW!


Bridges and Panchik squaring off head-to-head in 14.4. Think these guys were focused on the moment?

Bridges and Panchik squaring off head-to-head in 14.4. Think these guys were focused on the moment?




Warm-up: Stretching with PVC, 500m row, 5 HRPU x 3, 8 KB swings @ 35lbs x 3, 5 A/S with 3 sec hold x 3

Strength: ME box squat

  • 135lbs x 10, 155lbs x 8, 175lbs x 6, 195lbs x 4, 215lbs x 2, 225lbs x 1 **NEW PR**

Conditioning WOD: “Barefoot Annie” – 50-40-30-20-10 of double-unders and butter fly sit-ups, barefoot. *Scaled to single-unders of 150-120-90-60-30.

  • Time: 10:23

Warm-up: 25 jumping jacks x 3, leg swings front/back, bent over hamstring stretch, ankle rotations.

CF Endurance 6-Week Running Drill Program Week 3 Day 1

  • Drills – Stable arm drill x 3, carioca 3 x 10 both directions, exaggerated lunge 3 x 10 each leg, wall drill 3 x 20 each leg.
  • 1x through of: 4 x 1:30s @98 cadence, 1 drill of choice, 6:00 @ 93 cadence.

Serious calf and foot mobility when I get back to the room tonight!


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