“Prehistoric Dog” Motivation for 14.2!

DAILY MOTIVATION: “Prehistoric Dog” by Red Fang

Getting motivated and focused for my 14.2 attempt by listening to a little Red Fang! If you’ve never heard of them, then you are missing out for sure. Three albums released thus far and not a disappointing track yet. I had the opportunity to see them live with Helms Alee back in November and they put on an amazing show. Great quality musicians and performers. Plus they sure as hell can get you pumped! Listen to their song titled “Prehistoric Dog” off of their self-entitled album below. This is going to be blasting on the way to the box this morning!

Disclaimer: The video below is the official music video for “Prehistoric Dog.” I do not condone drinking as much beer as they do in the video. Nor driving while under the influence. Also, if you are offended or upset by graphic, but cartoonish-type violence for humor’s sake you may want to just find an audio version of this song!



Warm-Up: Barefoot jump rope for 5 x 50, 500m row, OH squats 45lbs x 10, 65lbs x 8, 95lbs x 5, pull-up technique/strategy practice.

WOD: 14.2: Round 1 is 3:00 to complete two rounds of 10 OH squats @ 95lbs and 10 chest-to-bar pull-ups. Round 2 is 3:00 to complete two rounds of 12 OH squats @ 95lbs and 12 chest-to-bar pull-ups. As the rounds progress so does the rep count by two.

  • Completed 70 reps. That’s a total of 40 OH squats, and 32 chest-to-bar pull-ups.


Strength: DE Power clean @75% 1RM, 9 x 3 every :60s.

  • Completed with 110lbs.

Conditioning WOD: 12:00 AMARAP of 12 Hang squat cleans @ 75lbs and 7 push-ups.

  • Completed 116 reps which was six rounds plus two hang squat cleans.

CrossFit Open WOD 14.2 is officially in the books and again I am completely stoked! My goal for this workout was 64 reps which would have taken me to the half way point of the second round. I was able to get 70 reps which was eight reps of OH squat beyond the halfway point.

Often times our strategy going in does not match up with exactly what we end up doing. Strategy is theory and theories always look good on paper until they are put into practice. Sometimes they completely fall apart, other times you are able to out perform the strategy. Today was definitely the latter for me. I had initially planned on breaking up the OH squats into sets of five no matter how I felt. With adrenaline flowing and the clock ticking, I decided to push beyond the five rep mark…well beyond it. In fact, I was able to complete all of the OH squats in this workout totally unbroken! To me, this is an even bigger accomplishment than beating my goal of 64 reps. This means that thus far in the 2014 CrossFit Open I have beaten both of the goals that I had set for myself! Going to keep it up, bring on 14.3!

Feeling motivated and still saturated with adrenaline from 14.2 I rolled right into the CF Endurance WOD. The strength portion went by great, my form feels like it is coming around and definitely feeling more of a leg drive on the cleans. The conditioning WOD held me up a little bit. Going through 14.2, then into a strength WOD weighed on me enough that the Conditioning portion was just a bit too much. I fought through it though and posted a decent enough rep count.


Warm-up: 25 jumping jacks x 3, leg swings left leg/right leg, ankle rotations, standing-to-bentover hamstring stretch. 10:00 spin keeping RPMs between 85-90.

Biking: 400m intervals resting :60s until form/pace dissipates. Completed eight iterations with times of :42s, :43s, ?, :44s, :43s, :44s, :44s, :46s.


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