Rest Day in Preparation for my 14.2 Attempt


“Always seek out the seed of triumph in every adversity.” – Og Mandino

seed growing

Everyday we are put into challenging situations that test our character. Most would view this as a negative aspect of life and just another thing to have to cope with and struggle through. How you react to challenges has everything to do with your attitude and mindset.

Let me back up and preface the remainder of this with an honest interpretation of my own mindset previously in life. The fact is that for many years, and until recently, I was and viewed myself as quite a pessimist. My viewpoint in regards to life’s challenges, large and small, were that they were obstacles that simply made life more difficult. In hindsight, this attitude was quite poor to say the least and who knows what this held me back from accomplishing.

Returning to the subject at hand, here is my advice to you corresponding to my renewed take on the difficulties and challenges facing us every day of our lives. View them not as obstacles to success, but rather unique opportunities in which to gain something positive. Whether it be a new skill you develop, an understanding, a test to take and succeed in, or just a learning experience. These challenges are what define us because they are what forces us to change. We adapt and learn because of them. Even though they may be temporary inconveniences, problems, and set backs, in the big picture they will make us stronger. We will know how to cope with the problem again in the future. We have added another tool to our inventory to use in enhancing our lives and accomplishing me. Thus, we need to look for the opportunities everywhere and not avoid the obstacles, but rather overcome them, learn, and move on. We need to find that “seed of triumph in every adversity.”




Great company, can't wait to try their products!

Great company, can’t wait to try their products!

Pure Pharma is a supplement company that I have heard about for a while, but never had the chance to try their products. The other day while floating through the Twittersphere I came across a tweet about them, gave them a follow, and looked more into their products. Well, I am happy to report that they have sufficiently impressed me with the products they offer and I am placing my order today to try them out for myself.

You, loyal D-S-P reader know how much I like to share the knowledge and experience I have gained to help you in your quest for health and fitness. So check out Pure Pharma and the three products that they offer: a high quality fish oil, Vitamin D supplements (especially for those of us living in the Pacific NW, I haven’t seen the sun for going on three weeks now!), and magnesium supplements. So why should you be taking these supplements, and are they even something you need? Check out the following three articles which discuss these fish oil, vitamin D, and magnesium supplements in general and decided if its something that would benefit you. If so, head over to Pure Pharma and give their products a try.

Great article on the benefits of fish oil by TJ Murphy.

Quick little article by Pure Pharma themselves about why supplementation with magnesium is necessary and beneficial for some athletes.

Another Pure Pharma post about the benefits of supplementing with Omega-3s.

Post by Healthline that covers some quick info on all aspects of Vitamin D



Today, I am taking an off day to be fully rested going into my 14.2 attempt tomorrow morning. I may go to the box just to work on some mobility, technique, and strategize for tomorrow. Good luck to all those going for 14.2!

For those of you hitting it hard, todays CF Endurance WOD is linked above!


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