Long Bike TT and My Breakdown of 14.2


“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Absolutely gorgeous redwoods

Absolutely gorgeous redwoods



It’s Saturday afternoon and I have had two solid sessions of judging 14.2 under my belt. Athletes of all abilities have come through and I’ve seen a lot of variation in technique and strategy. One common theme that I have heard from my athletes and friends competing at other boxes is that 14.2 is much, much more difficult than originally anticipated! After watching the release I set my original goal as making it to the round of 14. That would be a minimum of 88 reps in 6:00.  Not that I am discouraged, but after watching the results of athlete after athlete as they struggle through this workout I’ve made some slight adjustments to my original goal. Now, I’m shooting for 64 reps. That’s the first full round of ten then making it halfway through the round of twelve. I’m not viewing this as much as a lowering of expectations, but rather or more realistic goal to shoot for. One that is going to be both extremely challenging, but still in the realm of achievability.

My strategy for the first round of ten is going to break down like this:

  • OH Squats @ 95lbs broken into sets of five and rest no matter how good I feel. I plan on using a narrower than usual grip in an effort to save a little bit of arm strength for the pull-ups.
  • Chest-to-bar pull-ups is where it gets interesting. Within the CF rules you can use any grip you’d like. I’m opting to go for the under handed (chin-up) grip. After experimenting with this grip versus the traditional overhand I found that I was stronger and more able to get my chest to the bar with the arm pull as it utilizes a little more biceps muscle. In addition to the grip style I am also going to adjust my grip width going out wider than usually. This will shorten the travel distance of my extremely long arms and leave plenty of open chest and bar area to get a good touch. Finally, for execution I am going to do the pull-ups one at a time, dropping off the bar between each rep. Doing it this way I found that I can get a better kip and consistently execute a successful chest-to-bar every time unlike when I tried linking them.

If I make it to the round of 12 its simply going to be an all out effort from the first rep! I’m just going to push myself to go as far as I can without compromising form. Another side goal for me with 14.2 is to have zero “no reps.”

Check out the great video below by Brian MacKenzie and the trainers at Athlete Cell. 14.2 is broken down and they lay out a plan for tackling it from warm-up through execution. The team worked hard to produce this video and have it up just minutes after the announcement of 14.2 giving you the maximum amount of time to prepare! Many thanks!




Warm-up: Stretching with PVC,  25 jumping jacks x 3, 10 leg swings front/back, 10 bent over hamstring stretch, 10 ankle rotations.

Biking: 25M TT. Time: 1:29:19

Core: Hollow Rocks position hold with 5lbs ankle weights 3 x TF.




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