The Beast is Back!


 “Every man has a wild beast within him.” – Frederick the Great

Live and display the glance of the beasts.

Live and display the balance of the man and the beast.

Is there a beast inside of you? There’s definitely one in me, and I believe, one in all of us. This beast is an incredibly powerful tool that we can use in our training and our every day lives. Actually, its more than a tool. It’s a part of our nature as human beings, our heritage and ancestry, our very genetics. It’s thoughts and urges embedded in our psyche and supressed by our “more rational” and well-behaved human side. However, there are times where it is acceptable and quite beneficial to unleash this beast! The key is to know how and when to do so along with utilizing the positive aspects of this beast thus keeping it under control. If we are able to harness the brute strength, power, and courage of this beast and couple it with the focus, intelligence, and judgement of the human we create a hybrid being that will be difficult to defeat! To ignore the beast within us is to ignore our inherent nature and lose a valuable part of ourselves in the process. Too often society’s norms and expectations guide many aspects of our lives. We are expected to act and behave in a certain way usually resulting in a suppression of the qualities of this beast, both good and bad. Be safe, be smart, be cognizant, but harness the power of the beast and use it to your advantage whenever possible!

So welcome in this Beast Friday by unleashing the animal within on your training and hit it hard!



Below you will find the last video of a  3 part series from Dr. Kelly Starrett and Mobility WOD. In this video J-Star (Dr. Starrett’s wife), also of San Francisco CrossFit, discusses her experience and case study with Wellness FX.




Warm-up: Stretching with PVC,  5:00 jump rope barefoot, 5 hand-release push-ups, 8 AKB swings @ 35lbs, 10 A/S.

Strength: ME Push Jerk. 1. 65lbs x 10, 2. 95lbs x 8, 3. 115lbs x 6, 4. 135lbs x 2, 5. 125lbs x 3, 6 140lbs x 1, 7. 145lbs x 1 *New PR*

Conditioning WOD: 15:00 AMRAP of 5 HSPU and 12 pull-ups. Completed 7 rounds + 1 HSPU. *Scaled the HSPU by using an ab mat and 45lbs plate to shorten the range of motion and after two rounds scaled the HSPU count to 3.

Core: GHD Sit-ups 20-15-15 and ring planks 3 x TF.


Running: 400m intervals with :60s rest until form/pace dissipates. 1. 1:29 2. 1:28, 3. 1:29, 4. 1:30, 5. 1:32, 6. 1:29.


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