Short Interval Biking and14.2!



To enhance the point being made, I will comment no further.



Below you will find Part 2 of a 3 part series from Dr. Kelly Starrett and Mobility WOD. Joining Dr. Starrett is Jim Kean, founder of Wellness FX. Also, in this episode another coach from San Francisco CrossFit, Diane Fu, joins them and shares her experience with the Wellness FX program. Come back tomorrow for Part 3!





  • 15:00 tempo spin with RPMs @ 85-90


  • 800m intervals with :60s rest until form/pace dissipates.
  1. 1:29
  2. 1:33
  3. 1:36
  4. 1:33
  5. 1:32
  6. 1:34


REST, RECOVERY, and MOBILITY. Plus watching the 14.2 release!



Are you ready for 14.2? Talayna and Camille are!

Are you ready for 14.2? Talayna and Camille are!

Today is big day number two in this CrossFit season! At 5:00pm PST 14.2 will be announced via video on the CrossFit Games web site. I’m never really one to speculate on what  the WOD is going to be. All I can say is that I’m hoping its something that plays to my strengths a little bit more than 14.1. In other words, I hope I can actually do all of the movements in 14.2. The only thing that I am truly dreading is muscle-ups. Unfortunately, as it stands right now, I cannot do a single one, so muscle-ups would pretty much be a show stopper for me. I’m not naive though, I know at some point they are going to turn up in an Open WOD. I’ve been incorporating pull-ups and ring dips into my warm-ups in an effort to build some quick strength in these areas. With a little more dedication I’m confident that in two weeks time I’ll be able to get my first one! So, let’s just hope they don’t appear until 14.4… Beyond muscle-ups the only other hang-up I can see myself having is any lift that prescribes a weight beyond what I can handle. There’s not much I can do about this unfortunately. The strength will come with time, but I’m not expecting any drastic gains over the next month. But come whatever may I’ll be as ready as I can. As I’ve been telling my fellow CF athletes and students “I may not be able to perform the movements, but I gurantee you will see me giving 120%.”


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