Feeling the Itch!

Rock Candy Mountain in Olympia. Just for the hell of it!

Rock Candy Mountain in Olympia. Just for the hell of it!

Taking another off day and literally having to force thoughts of training out of my mind… Especially after the release of 14.1 and watching Fisher and Hendren go head-to-head! Overall though I will say that I’m feeling stronger. Every night before bed I’ve been taking 10mg of melatonin and a serving of Progenex Cocoon, and also turned the temperature in my room down to 68 degrees and my sleep has been great! This good rest coupled with the fact that I’m still eating like I’m training has lead me to feel strong, solid, and ready to go! Looking to do some light technique work and crush 14.1 on Monday morning!

Check out this video by Barbell Shrugged featuring Brian MacKenzie and Athlete Cell as they breakdown and strategize for 14.1!





I love the Progenex commercials (and their products!) Simple, motivating, cool. And this one featuring Sam Briggs is my favorite! Watch them, get inspired, then go train. And take your Cocoon!



Looks hardcore, don’t leave anything on the table with this one!


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