14.1 Announcement!

openThe big day has finally arrived! The 14.1 Open WOD announcement will be this afternoon at 5:00 PT. What are your predictions for the WOD? I’m thinking that they are going to start off kind of slow this year then build as the weeks go on. I’m also expecting there to be one or two new movements in the mix that we haven’t seen in an Open WOD to date. Remember to embrace the spirit of a truly “open” competition all the movements have to be able to be executed by just about anyone with minimal to no equipment. Get pumped!


Coming off of a day and a half now of  rest and recovery I’m feeling a little heavy (cause I’m still eating a lot), but stronger overall. Today is going to be another rest day but for those of you still going after it, here’s the Daily Motivation and the CF Endurance WOD:


“All the effort in the world won’t matter if you’re not inspired.” – Chuck Palahniuk

As I read this quote, I’m looking a little bit beyond the surface down to a baser meaning. The thought behind the curtain and at the root of your motivation. Yes, we all need inspiration, but that inspiration could be a million different things. You may be inspired by a song you hear on the way to the box, which may be all the inspiration you need. What I’m getting out of this however is something beyond simple motivation and inspiration. Not the “what,” but the “why.” Sure, you’re inspired to go train because you want to do well in competition, or you want to be healthier, or you have a simple specific goal in mind. Thats all well and good and noble reasons to be training hard. But I think it would serve us all well to take it a step further (or more of a step down) to the reason behind the reason. So why do you want to reach your goal? What is it in your heart that is driving you? Surely, that upcoming competition is not the reason you put in hours a day and multiple days a week training for years. So what is that simple, pure reason deep inside of you? I don’t know, only you do. Think about it. Strength Through Discipline.



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