Time Off Before the Open


My boys on the pull-up bars hitting it hard!

So tomorrow is the big day, 14.1 announcement! For the past year, yes, literally a year, I have not taken any significant off time. By significant I mean more then two days in a row off. Also, nearer time period I haven’t taken a full rest day in about a week and a half. My body is feeling it. I’ve decided to take a few days completely off training except for mobility work. I just do not feel that pushing hard these last few days will give me any gains or benefits prior to 14.1. My body will do better with the rest. After I complete 14.1 I’m going to get back into as hopefully, these few days off will hit a reset switch physically and mentally and allow me to go hard for the next month of Open workouts.

Continue checking the blog though! I may not be training, but I will continue to past. Actually, I’m going to be posting more! You can expect new things in pretty much every page/category on Strength Through Discipline. In addition, you may see a re-hauled site with a new look and set up. I’m feeling more and more adjusted to blogging and its time to move out of the experimental phase and really hit the ground running! Expect big things to be coming out soon!

As always, continue to check out Strength Through Discipline every day, leave comments, and most importantly share with your friends! Let’s keep it moving forward! Many thanks and highest regards!



For those of you still pressing forward with the training, I will continue to post the CF Endurance WOD and the Daily Motivation!

“Hard work is only a prison sentence when you lack motivation.” – Malcolm Gladwell

BOOM! Not much more to be said. Check your motivation; and if its not there find it, then bring it!



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