Snatches, OH Squats, and Running

Mark Allen, one of the all-time great professional triathletes!

Mark Allen, one of the all-time great professional triathletes!

Check out this episode of Genetic Potential TV where Dr. Kelly Starrett, Brian MacKenzie, and TJ Murphy interview Mark Allen!

Check out Mark Allen’s training web site. It’s complete with triathlon training programs, articles, blogs, and his training products. Great resource for triathletes of all abilities!

Daily Motivation:

“Try not. Do or do not, will or will not, there is no try.” – Yoda

Alright, so I’m not a Star Wars fan. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of the films all the way through, but that’s neither here nor there. The point being that even though a fictional alien character said the quote it does not take away the validity or message behind it. In reality, this is one of my favorite quotes and one that I find to be truly eye-opening. Think about it for a moment. Every day we may “try” to do a lot of things, but in reality we may only accomplish or (accomplish to an acceptable level) only a few. The act of trying means nothing without the follow-through to the finish, hopefully with a successful product, no matter what that product may be. So who cares if you tried? You either did it or you did not. If you did good on you, you’ve accomplished something! If you didn’t, figure out why you didn’t, make the corrections/adjustments, and next time DO!

If you're going to quote Yoda, you have to put in a picture!

If you’re going to quote Yoda, you have to put in a picture!




  • 10 minutes of dynamic movements for running including: butt kickers, kareoke, high knees, leg swings, backwards runs, and skipping.


  • Run 3.2 miles at TT pace.
  1. Time: 21:01.



  • Stretching with PVC
  • 500m row
  • 5 Hand-release push-ups x 3
  • 8 AKB @ 26.5lbs x 3
  • 5 OH squats with PVC x 3
  • Snatch work with PVC

Strength and Conditioning WOD:

  • Every minute, on the minute for 15:00 of:
  • 1 Power snatch
  • 2Hang power snatches
  • 3 OH squats
  1. Completed with a load of 75lbs.


  • GHD sit-ups 3 x 15

Technique Work:

  • Double unders

This afternoon’s workout was good. The WOD was not as difficult as I was anticipating. Never having gotten that tired doing the every minute on the minute, my body didn’t fatigue and I ended up with about :30s of rest for every iteration. I would have moved the load up a bit, but my snatch form still needs some work. I focused on form more than anything really. Still have a lot to work on there! Went right into the GHD sit-ups which went good, though the last time I did them I had a really sore abdominal area for two days after. We’ll see what happens this time. Kept the double unders session short as my achilles tendon was a little sore from the run today.

Bring it on tomorrow!


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