8M Time Trial…has a Nice Ring to It!

Sore feet, sore calves, sore hamstrings, happy heart!

Sore feet, sore calves, sore hamstrings, happy heart!

Daily Motivation:

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning form failure. – Colin Powell

Something along these lines has been said by many different individuals throughout history and it all facets of life. It doesn’t matter whether your pursuit is athletic, business, artistic, what have you. Success is success. You know whether or not you’ve reached your goals or you’re at least on the right path. Out of preparation, hard work, and learning from mistakes the most important, in my opinion is hard work. If you put in the time and effort necessary it is my experience that other things will start to fall into place.

Bottom line: Don’t look for a secret, its pointless looking for something that doesn’t exist.

Today’s CF Endurance



  • Completed this dynamic stretching warm-up from Nate Helming of Helming Athletics.


  • 8M TT
  1. Time: 1:02:10.


  • Plank center, left, right.
  1. Center 1:30, left :45, right :45 x 3

**This morning’s session is brought to you by beta alanine and coffee! Giddy-up!**

Man, am I flying high after that run! Quite pleased with my performance on the time trial. With a time of 1:02:10, I was averaging about 7:46/M. This was about :10-:15s faster than I was expecting it to be under ideal conditions. Though not too bad, this morning wasn’t perfect as it was cold and the roads were a little slick. Also, the warm-up this morning was a great one. Just about 10 minutes of dynamic stretching from Nate’s Helming’s project The Run Experience (TRE) and I felt ready to go. The three movements in the warm-up also did a lot to work my balance too, something I badly need!

A little background on Nate Helming. He is a staff member at the fantastic San Francisco CrossFit and well as the founder of his own program Helming Athletics. Ecstatic that I stumbled upon Helming Athletics last night as there are a host of running specific technique and stretching demos posted. Definitely worth checking out! Just follow the links I posted! Helming Athletics will be up in the Resources page soon too!

Clearly, I am making improvements without logging massive amounts of miles on the road. The CF Endurance programming is working out well and I’m seeing improvements across the big three disciplines as well as with my over strength and stamina in the WODs. Things are coming along!




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