NEW BIKE! Plus CompuTrainer Time Trial

Reed working on my S2!

Reed working on my S2!

Well everyone, the big news of today (and yesterday I suppose) is that I GOT MY BIKE! So super stoked!!! Many thanks go to the knowledgable and very patient staff at Speedy Reedy in Seattle for their valuable insight and guidance. A special shout out goes to Gregory, Ryan, and Reed for putting up with my endless line of questions, unnecessary scrutiny, and multiple test rides throughout the process!

So what did I end up getting? The 2013 Cervelo S2 LE! This is one Cervelo’s all-carbon racing road bikes in the limited edition flat black color scheme. Expect a more thorough write-up of my S2 and its bells and whistles in my Gear page soon!

Cervelo S2 LE

Cervelo S2 LE

Daily Motivation:

“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.” – Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms

Today’s CF Endurance


My bike set up in the CompuTrainer facility. I foresee many hours of work in this room!

My bike set up in the CompuTrainer facility. I foresee many hours of work in this room!

For this morning’s session I’m going for the first ride on my S2 with Melodie to a CompuTrainer TT session. i have never done one of these before so it’s going to be a new experience. From what I understand, we will be doing a series of easy riding mixed with all out TT efforts in order to set some benchmarks for the rapidly approaching triathlon season. All of the riding will be done indoors on a trainer that will track my power output. Good thing its all inside too because we got our first big snow of the season here in Seattle last night! More details and thoughts on CompuTrainer riding after the session. Wish me luck!

Alright, so I’m back after the morning session. Riding on the CompuTrainer is fantastic! Basically, it is set-up on a regular bike trainer and applies additional pressure to the rear wheel to simulate the uphills and downhills of different courses. For instance today we did the 26.2M Columbia, Maryland triathlon course. For my particular workout I wanted to stick with the CFE programming so I actually rode a 2M easy warm-up then started the course and rode 6M into it at a tempo pace then hit my 15M TT from miles 6-21. I was able to do pretty well, and overall was satisfied with my results.


  • CompuTrainer 2M easy spin
  • Computer 6M @ tempo pace


  • CompuTrainer 15M TT
  1. Time: 48:54.




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