Endurance Testing WOD!


The All Blacks in pre-match haka!

Daily Motivation:


The Haka is a traditional ancestral war crydance or challenge from the Māori people of New Zealand. It is a posture dance performed by a group, with vigorous movements and stamping of the feet with rhythmically shouted accompaniment. (From Wikipedia)

It is now made famous by the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby team, one of the premier teams in the world! They perform a haka before every match directly in the face of the opposing team.

Check out this video compilation of All Blacks haka. If this doesn’t get you pumped and flowing with adrenaline then you should take a rest day!

Learn more about the All Blacks here!

Today’s CF Endurance



  • Stretching with PVC
  • 25 jumping jacks x3
  • 5 hand release push-ups x3
  • 8 American kettle bell swings @ 26lbs x3
  • 10 Air squats x3

Conditioning WOD:

  • 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of dumb bell squat cleans (35lbs/25lbs) and push-ups for time.
  1. Time: 13:15. *Scaled to 25lbs dumb bells.


  • Stability pike on swiss ball 3×12
  • 50 Flutter kicks immediately following pikes



  • 25 jumping jacks x3
  • 10 front/back, side/side leg swings
  • 10 Ankle rotations
  • Hollow rock and pose drills
  • 1/2M easy run


  • 200m iterations with :60s rest until form/pace dissipates
  1. :47s
  2. :46s
  3. :45s
  4. :45s
  5. :45s
  6. :46s
  7. :46s

With yesterdays biking workout and today’s run workout I really tried to focus on my form and watching for it to dissipate. Also, I was monitoring myself closely for fatigue and when I started to feel it, I completed one more iteration and called it a night. My rationale behind this is leaving a little bit on the table and not completely wasting myself with every workout that I do. Especially with doing challenging strength building coupled with a Conditioning WOD most mornings. Sure, I could have squeezed out a couple more iterations, but the speed and form wouldn’t have been there and it would have been to my detriment. Smarter, not harder people!


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