Recovery Swim, Recovery Lift

Mike Bledsoe, owner CrossFit Memphis,co-founder of Barbell Shrugged.

Mike Bledsoe, owner Faction Strength and Conditioning and CrossFit Memphis,co-founder of Barbell Shrugged, and all around cool dude. Shakabra!

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Daily Motivation:

“Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion.” -Jim Rohn

Today’s CF Endurance



  • Stretching with PVC
  • 500m row.
  • 50yd, 100yd, 150yd free
  • 150yd kicking x2


  • 800yd free TT.
  1. Time: 16:14.

After taking a rest day yesterday and getting a great night of sleep last night I went into this workout feeling almost 100%. So when I saw the CFE Rx calling for 1000yd swim at 85% of 800yd TT pace and knowing I have yet to complete an 800yd TT I decided to go for one! The swim felt really good! I came out of the gate strong for the first six laps or so then cruised through laps 13 then gave it all I had left for the last three laps. What was best is that my form felt like it stayed with me well despite the fact that I was pushing myself harder. Progress!

Muscle Recovery Workout: *All of these movements are performed with light-medium weight and done for the Rx’d weights or until muscle burn is achieved.

  • Glute Ham Developer Sit-ups 3×15. Completed 3×13.
  • Glute Ham Developer Raises 3×15. Completed 3×10.
  • American Kettle Bell Swing. Completed 3×15 @ 26lbs.
  • Bench Press 3×15. Completed 3×15 @ 95lbs.
  • Pull-ups 3xTF. Completed 4-3-3 chest to bar.




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