Morning Run…Canceled!

Miranda "Relentless Rinny" Carfrae, 2013 Ironman World Champion!

Miranda “Relentless Rinny” Carfrae, 2013 Ironman World Champion!

Miranda Carfrae’s Web Site, check it out!

Daily Motivation:

“To me, the best exercise for this is running. Running is so important that you should keep it up during your lifetime. What time of the day you run is not important as long as you run.” – Bruce Lee

Today’s CF Endurance



  • Foam roll back and legs
  • 25 jumping jacks x 3
  • 10 front/back left/right leg swings
  • 10 Ankle rotations
  • Pistol squat holds


  • Hollow Rock hold with albs ankle weights 3xTF
  1. :48s
  2. :41s
  3. :40s
  • Plank center, left, right.
  1. Center 1:30, left :45, right :45 x 3

So this morning I was planning on going out to do the 5M run as Rx’d by CFE. I got dressed to run, did my warm-up and started on my way. About 30 strides in I got a pain in my right calf just below my knee. Figuring it was just my body loosening up (I haven’t ran in about four days) I continued to push through it for another 100yds or so. Unfortunately, the pain got worse and worse to where I could barely take a step. Obviously, this cancelled the run so I did some core work and am calling it a rest day for the remainder of my Saturday. This is a good thing, as I don’t feel like this is a serious injury, probably just a cramp/strain and being a bit over trained for the past few weeks I think a rest day is just what I need. Going to take full advantage!




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