Dynamic Effort Power Cleans and a Girl


Good advice. Follow it.

Good advice. Follow it.

Today’s CF Endurance Workout



  • Stretching with PVC
  • 25 jumping jacks x3
  • 5 hand release push-ups x3
  • 8 American KB swings @ 26lbs x3
  • 5 overhead squats with PVC x3


  • Dynamic Effort (DE) Power Clean 8×2 @ 75% 1RM on every :60s
  1. 105lbs for 8×2

Conditioning WOD:

  • Nancy- 5 rounds of 400m run & 15 OH Squats (95/65)
  1. Scaled to 80lbs OH squat. Time: 19:52


  • Ring planks x3 TF
  • Windmill 3×10 left and right side with 40lbs KB

Technique Work:

  • Double-unders
  • Clean and jerk

This morning was one of my most productive workout sessions in recent memory! The strength session and the WOD went off really well. The only regret I have there is that I did not do the OH squat with the Rx’d weight. I thought 95lbs would be too much for 5×15 in a conditioning WOD. Lowering the weight to 80lbs I easily went unbroken, so I feel like I left a little bit on the table there.

My core work was good as well. I’ve never done ring planks before so that was a new experience which I think I did well at for my first time though I tweaked my shoulder a bit which only got worse when I did the KB windmills. After core work I moved into some technique practice. Still working on connecting my double unders, it hasn’t happened yet but I feel progress each attempt so its just a matter of time. Many thanks again go to my good friend/coach/training partner Josh for helping me work on clean and jerk for the first time. Feel like I have a solid understanding of the movements. Now its just down to repetition and starting to add some weight and lay down some benchmarks. Thanks again Josh!



  • 25 jumping jacks
  • 10 front/back and side/side leg swings
  • Ankle rotations
  • Pistol squat holds


  • 1:30 on with 1:30 rest until form/pace dissipate.

Check back this afternoon for run results!


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