Max Effort Bench and Elizabeth


Representing CF Endurance on the bike!

Today’s CF Endurance Workout



  • Stretching with PVC
  • 500m row
  • 5 hand release push-ups x3
  • 10 overhead squats with PVC x3


  • Max Effort (ME) Bench Press @ 2:30-3:00 rest between sets
  1. 135 x 8
  2. 160 x 4
  3. 170 x 2
  4. 180 x 2 with assistance
  5. 190 x 2 with assistance

Conditioning WOD:

  • Elizabeth 21-15-9 Cleans (135lbs/95lbs) & Ring Dips
  1. Scaled to 105lbs clean at 21-15-9 and ring dips at 10-6-4
  • Time: 10:32


  • Farmers carry with 70lbs kettle bell.
  1. 3 x 40yds left arm and 40 yds right arm resting just enough to recover.

Today was a good workout though it really left something to be desired. I only got about five hours of sleep last night and though I wasn’t feeling tired, I knew i wasn’t properly rested. On the ME bench press I was not able to hit the numbers I had three weeks ago, let alone setting a new PR. As far as the conditioning WOD goes, I have never attempted Elizabeth. As such I was unsure of how to scale it and ended up making a mistake leading to too long of a total time and not enough of a workout. What should have happened was scaling the weight back to the lower Rx’d amount of 95lbs instead of trying to push out the 105lbs. That combined with my lack of experience with ring dips led to having to take frequent breaks and making my time sky rocket. Lessons learned…



  • Stretching with PVC
  • 25 jumping jacks
  • 10 front/back and side/side leg swings
  • Ankle rotations
  • Pistol squat holds
  • 10 minutes of easy spinning


  • 1:30 on with 1:30 rest until form/pace dissipate.
  • Completed six iterations on 1:30 intervals with distances of:
  1. .45M
  2. .48M
  3. .44M
  4. .45M
  5. .43M
  6. .45M



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