Long TT Swim and Muscle Recovery Lifts

Mom and I at the Spire Institute post-swim.

Mom and I at the Spire Institute post-swim.

Today’s CF Endurance



  • Stretching with PVC
  • Benchmark for 250m row. Time :54s.
  • 50yd, 100yd free
  • 100yd kicking


  • 1400yd free time trial (TT). Time 27:43.

Muscle Recovery Workout: *All of these movements are performed with light-medium weight and done for the Rx’d weights or until muscle burn is achieved.

  • Glute Ham Developer Sit-ups 3×15. Completed 3×12.
  • Glute Ham Developer Raises 3×15. Completed 3×8.
  • American Kettle Bell Swings 3×15. Completed 3×15 with 26lbs.
  • Bench Press 3×15. Completed 3×15 with 95lbs.
  • Pull-ups 3xTF. Completed 3×8 kipping.

This mornings swim really pleased me. Having swam a 1400yd tempo free a couple weeks ago in 29:55 I set a goal for myself of swimming this TT in under 28:00. As you can see above I was able to accomplish that, though it was difficult. On the bright side though I am getting better at controlling my pace in the water. Until now I kind of had one speed on tempo and TT swims and could only kick it up on short sprints. Now though I’m getting a better feel for myself in the water as far as stroke and body position so I’m progressing. The 250m row benchmark did disappoint me a little bit, but trying to do all of these benchmarks in a short time frame is not easy. Even on very short intervals its difficult to be going all out on something nearly everyday. Benchmarks are important though so I’m going to keep pressing forward with them!




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