Tempo Run, Push-ups, Core, and an Awesome Athlete!

David Goggins, US Navy SEAL and former TACP, now ultra-endurance athlete.

David Goggins, US Navy SEAL and former TACP, now ultra-endurance athlete.

The picture above is of David Goggins, US Navy SEAL and former US Air Force Tactical Air Control Party operator turned ultra-endurance athlete. David is now big into philanthropy and has a fantastic story! So if you’re looking for some motivation read this short article by Runner’s World about him here!

Today’s CF Endurance Workout

Morning Session

Warm-up: Stretching with PVC, then 25 jumping jacks, 10 front/back and side-to-side leg swings, 10 ankle rotations, pistol squat holds (all x3). Then, in continuation of setting my benchmarks I went for a max push-ups in 2:00 test. Total: 50.

Running: 10M @ 85% of 8M TT pace. Completed 8.16M in 1:06:05.

Core: Hollow Rock position hold with 5lbs ankle weights- 3 rounds until failure. Rounds of :35s, :31s, :33s.

Going into this mornings run I was feeling kind of worn out just from the build-up of the week’s workouts. Despite having an Rx of 10M I scaled back slightly and decided to run for time instead. I’m still conditioning my body to get back into the distance running that I used to do 3 years ago and don’t want to push it too hard too soon. Even though I’m close to the best shape of my life right now, as I get up there in years (I’m 28, almost 29 FYI) I’m starting to feel some pain in my joints and muscles that I never really have before. So just getting into a new athletic endeavor of competing in triathlons the last thing I want is an injury that will take me out of training for any period of time. That being said, two weeks ago I completed a 56:00 run that took me 6.86M. Today I decided to add about ten minutes to that time to keep up a progression without going too hard. This seemed to work perfectly as I am feeling great after the run and my pace stayed right on! Constant, measured progression is the name of the game!

Afternoon Session



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