Getting Stronger!


Todays CF Endurance workout!


Warm-up: 500m row then 5 hand release push-ups, 8 American kettle bell swings @26lb, 10 feet-together air squats (x3)

Strength: Dynamic effort push jerk, 8×3 @65% of 1RM on the :60s. Load: 115lb.

Conditioning WOD:  20min AMRAP of 10 Deadlifts @ 115lbs, 1 rope climb, 8 American kettle bell swings @ 35lbs. Completed 10 rnds plus 10 deadlifts and half a rope climb.

Core: 100 flutter kicks by the 4-count, unbroken.

If you took a look at the CF Endurance workout linked above you going to notice that I changed the S&C WOD from what was Rx’d. Going into the workout I had full intentions of following the Rx, however after one rope climb I decided I had to make a change on the fly. So I substituted one rope climb for 8 American kettle bell swings at 35lbs. Not having done rope climbs in a while my body really wasn’t conditioned for it. After doing the first rope climb I realized I would need too much rest to continue with the WOD as Rx’d, thus not getting enough of a workout. All in all the substitution worked great and even though it wasn’t as Rx’d this WOD completely smoked me leaving me in my second sweat angel of the week!

Afternoon Training



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