Dynamic Effort Squats and a Nasty WOD

IMG_2800Despite over working and under resting this weekend, I came into the Monday morning workout motivated and ready to go. Check out the Rx’d workout from CFE for the day here. So this is how my training day started.


Warm-up: 25 jumping jacks, 8 American kettle bell swings @35lb, 5 feet-together air squats (x3)

Strength: Dynamic effort back squat 10×2 @65% of 1RM on the :60s. Load: 145lb.

Conditioning WOD:  800m run followed by 50 20lb wall balls (all x3) for time. Time 23:11.

Being a goal-oriented individual, I hold myself accountable and always give max efforts in my workouts, especially the met-cons. Rarely though does the WOD leave me in a completely exhausted state lying in the classic “sweat angel.” This one however did it to me as I was completely crushed at the end. A terrible and great feeling at the same time!

One thing that I want to mention here that has helped me out immensely is a new supplement I recently discovered. Its called 3Fu3l (there is a link to it on my Nutrition page) and is not just a typical post-workout recovery protein. It is a combination of carbs-protein-fats in the ratio of 40-30-30. The protein is whey from the milk of grass-fed cows, the carbs come from waxy maze, and and the fats come from MCT coconut oil. All in all pretty much the highest quality ingredients in a perfect balance. Another unique aspect to this supplement is the fact that you are directed to take it prior to working out, not after. This is to allow your body to begin recovering ASAP as it will already have the necessary macronutrient intake. I can truly feel the difference in recovery with this product in comparison with a host of others I have taken. This stuff is the real deal! 

Check back for the run times for this afternoon!

Afternoon Training
Warm-up: 25 jumping jacks, 10 front/back and side to side leg swings, 10 feet together air squats ( all x3)
Running: 5:00 and 4:00 off until form/pace dissipates. 1. .76M avg.speed 9.0. 2. .74M avg. speed 8.8. 3. .74M avg. speed 8.7


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