Tempo Swim, Hand Stands, and Planks


Beatutiful lap pool at the SPIRE Institute in Geneva, OH. I’m lucky enough to get to swim here a couple times a year!

So, this weekend I haven’t been following my own advice and ate too much and slept too little. As a result I was feeling heavy and tired going into my tempo swim this morning. Not only that, mentally I was in a fog and my focus was pretty much nonexistent. I got through the workout though and despite these limitations I did pretty well.

Morning Training

Warm-up: Stretching with PVC, then 25 jumping jacks, 8 American kettle bell swings 26lb, 10 feet together air squats (all x3). Then, in continuation of setting my benchmarks I went for a hand stand hold and made it for 1:56.

Swimming as Rx’d: 1400yd tempo swim at 85% of 1200yd time trial (TT) pace with a time of 29:55 doing freestyle.

Core: Planks- 3 rounds of normal plank for 1:30, left side plank for :45 and right side plank for :45.

After arriving at the pool and doing my warm-up and hand stand I changed for the swim and realized I forgot my suit. Being forced to swim in a baggy pair of running shorts I couldn’t fully push off on the turns, as my shorts would fly off most likely getting me banned from the pool. So my time was probably a minute or so slower then it would have been under normal circumstances. No excuses though! Just need to use my head more…

On a better note I’ve had two great recovery meals and a short back, arm, and shoulder massage to loosen me up and get some more mobility since the swim. Looking forward to relaxing for the rest of my Sunday and getting pumped for next week’s training!


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