Tempo Bike Ride and New Benchmark

This morning the CFE website called for a 1400m tempo swim. Unfortunately though when I arrived at the pool there were swim lessons going. So being closed out of the only available pool, I decided to go right for Sunday’s workout of a 20M tempo bike ride. Also, I set a new benchmark for 500m row as part of my warm-up.

Not having my bike yet, I am still doing all of my training on an electronic cycle trainer at the gym. This morning the countdown timer reset itself and all of my ride info 60 minutes into the workout. I was watching my RPMs and didn’t know how far I was into the ride at this point! Therefore, I had to approximate the distance I had already gone and finish the workout from there. Combining my calories burned count with time I think I was able to come close. Disappointing to do one of my longest rides to date and not get an accurate time and distance measurement though! This was definitely one of the more mentally taxing workouts I’ve done in a while due to the monotony of sitting on a stationary bike.

Morning Training

Warm-up: 25 jumping jack, 5 hand release push-ups, 10 feet together air squats. Then 500m row benchmark in 1:53.

Biking as Rx’d: 20M tempo ride at 85% of 30k time trial (TT) pace. *Completed in an approximated 1:24:00.


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