Yesterday’s Training

Following the Cross Fit Endurance (CFE) website programming this was an CFE Strength and Conditioning WOD (S&C) rest day.

Morning Training:

Swimming Long Interval

-Warm-up: 50yd, 100yd freestyle, 100×2 kicking with training fins
-Main Set: 200yd intervals with 2:30rest until form/pace dissipates.
1. 4:11 2. 4:24 3. 4:24 4. 4:24 5. 4:20

Afternoon Training:

Biking Long Interval
*This workout was done on an electric training bike set to difficulty level 6.
-Warm-up: x3 25 jumping jacks, 10 leg swings (forward and sideways), 10 air squats, 10 ankle rotations, 5:00 easy spin
-Main Set: 2 mile intervals with 2:30 rest until form/pace dissipates
1. 6:41 2. 6:45 3. 6:48


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